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“TKE Queer Bunny” Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago |

Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom

Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006 U.S. Navy Yoman:

“Valkyrie”  Tuesday, June 28th 2011

“To Ponder As A Clear Point ~ A Beginning Is Near”

As “Author Ond Living Literature” I Am Now Sharing To The Reader This To Think Over.

“Me.” Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” Ok.

“To Ponder As A Clear Point.”


For Me To Weigh Deeply To Think About Ond Consider Carefully. Bright Distinct Keen Logical Transparent. A Clear Mind.


Certain Obvious Positive Not Obscure. Free From Clouds. Free From Guilt. Open Ond Free From Obstruction. To Free From Impurities All The Way Completely. To Make Lucid. To Clear A Path So As To Prove Innocence. To Depart. To Go Away. To Make As Profit. To Pass Or Leap Over Without Touching. To Remove So As To Leave A Cleared Space.


The Exact Moment A Condition Is Reached. A Dot In Writing. A Position Or A Location. Point By Point. A Detail Item A Distinguishable Feature As A Unit Of Value. A Sharp End.


“To Ponder As A Clear Point.”




“A Beginning Is Near…”


This Is The Third Age Of Man. The King James Version Of “The Holy Bible” Handed To Us By Our Good King James II Is Now Four Hundred Yeas Old. This Is The 21 Century. We Of “The Tribe Of Man” Due Have God Given Reason To Prepare For A God Given Future Promised To Us.


“Mankind’s Holy Life Existence” Unfolds All About Me. I Am Resolute. My Own Destiny Is Still In My Own Grasp. That Destiny Has Been Mapped. Mapped. Explored Ond Navigated Personally By Myself. I Realize a Few Facts. To Share. The United States Of America Is 335 Years Old This July 4th 2011. We’ve More Ahead.


This Is The Year Of The Rabbit. As The “Author Ond Living Literature” I Do So Share This To Think Over. “TKE Queer Bunny” Mr. Tony Bell, U.S. Navy Yoman “Valkyrie” BBC:006 Since 1999 Onto Now. Here. At The PC In 2011. I Lead By Example!!!


Men Not Gods Is Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band!!! The 22nd Century Will Arrive On Time. The Earth Will Rotate Ond Revolve Around The Sol. Our Sun Will Steer All Terrestrial Life To A Specific Point In Space. That Point Being January 1st 2100 CST.


Men Not Gods Whom Are Older Than I Will Allow That Honest Truth To Connect To Your Own Intellect. The Fourth Of July Is A Celebration Of Our Independence Day. I Am Telling You Old Elders Ond The Baby Boomers That Yall Gave Birth To. To Face Us. The MTV Generation. Please. Yall Must Grow Up!!! George Washington Was A General Who Had To Cross The Frozen Delaware River In Order To Defeat The British Forces That Winter.


King George III Of England Untimately Did Have To Acknowledge “The Decleration Of Independence” Ond Our Fore Fathers Did Call A First Constitutional Congress. Eventually Swearing George Washington As Our Country’s Very First President. So In This Blog Entry I Tell You. The Old Elders Who Are The Old Guard In Elected Office To Reflect On The Elderly In Our Society.


Then Focus On Men Not Gods. Those Who Are Older Will Now Allow This. Grow Up You!!!


The Baby Boomers That Our Grand Parents Gave Birth To Must Face Us Now. Stand Ond Deliver.



“TKE Queer Bunny” | Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago

Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom

Open Your Bloody Minds Now If Et Al. Around The World. We Are The MTV Generation!!!

I Am Due To Turn Forty (40). Allow This To Come To Pass. The Endurance I Personally Have Shown While Clinging To My Own Pious Private Devout Now Primed Roman Catholic Angelican Southern Babtist Gothic Socio Political Theological Economic Multimedia Entertainment Journalistic Direction. “The Continuity Of Authority: Obama Campaign 2012” Simply Is That I Just Did Type.

Further. Mr. Barack Hussein Obama Is The 44th President Of The United States Of America. So…

To All Men Not Gods Whom Are Younger Than I Am: “Rock The Vote” Is Now “All In.”

The President Is Black. For Real. Just As Some Of You Are As Well. In Fact I Am Black. Kids.


Obama – Biden Does Equal = The Right Here Ond Factual Now For All Of Us Living Stateside. Now Just Re-Elect This Team Of Black Ond White “Players” In 2012. As For November 2016 From The Very Soon To Arrive”Distance To Here” I Suggest Yall Had Best Vote Republican. That Shared. Bi.

Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” Tony:BBC:006




“TKE Saluki Sexual”

“TKE Queer Bunny” Bi.

Tau Kappy Epsilon


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