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“Old Grand-Dad 800”


“September 11th 2001”


Part Three


~This One Vice Lord’s Nine Years Of Terror~




Lord “Valkyrie” Bell




We Move You Now Deeper Into “Old Grand-Dad 800” With Part Three. About Where I Was In 2001.


DeKalb County Jail Outside Of Atlanta, Georgia Is Where I Went For Forty Days Ond Forty Nights. There I Watched As The Intricate Details Of Those Early Days Of Terror Unfold. On American Broadcasting Company (ABC). Only One Individual Had Our Area Of The Deep South At Attention. All Ears. “With Eyes Wide Open.”


“Oh? Well, You Say. Just Say, You Are From The United States NAVY Ond Now You Just State That You Are A True ‘Vice-Lord’ From Chicago. Well I Guess You Is Or That You Truly Are. I Am ‘Mohamed’ Ond I Am A Muslim.”


Really. It Was Simple To Accept Every Body On Deck At ‘Face Value’ Rather Than To Risk Any Negative Thought.


Mohamed Went On…


“I Am Here For Release For Transfer After Twenty-Seven Years For Manslaughter. I Am Your ‘House Man.’ While You Are Here You Ond I Will Become Good Friends I Think. Now What do You Think?”


I Replied…


“I Think The United States Of America Has Just Been Attacked Ond I Think We Should Just Watch ABC Ond Listen To Mr. Peter Jennings.”


“Well Yes. Let’s.” Said He, Being Mohamed.


The Gore Met Gore Ond The More Vivid The Details The More Faith I Obtained In My Lord GOD. In DeKalb County Jail Fear Ond Anger. Some Noted My Tears As A Show Of Strength. Others As A Clear Sign Of A Some Roman Catholic Weakness If Not A Northerner’s Own Inferiority To The Southen Black Man.


As The News Folded, The Food Was Served Ond I Ate With Them. As The Details Came Out About  My Being “Valkyrie” Ond What That Really Means To Them. The Southern Black Men Not Gods In DeKalb County Jail On Deck.


Battle Lines Were Drawn Throughout DeKalb County Jail Lock Up. Which Is In DeKalb, Georgia. Which Is Home To The A.O. E. Or To The Above Average Reader, “The Ancient Order Of Egyptions.”


Muslims Ond Christians. Young Ond Old. Crypts Ond Bloods. Doctors Ond Lawyers. Hope Ond Peril. Real!!! Locked!!!


“How Does It End? When Does It End? It Never Ends.” Men Not Gods (Hook Written Bi Lord “Valkyrie” Bell.)


Yet Ond Still It Never Ends. Now 2011. This. Me. This Is Not My World Ond Yet This Terror, I Must Claim. I Claim To Know The Truest Ond Purest Sources Of This Earthly Warfare. Which Today Threatens Many On ‘Midgard’ Globally.


The Gods!!! Johovah Ond Allah. Brothers That They Are, Gods Of Sand-Script They Be. They War Over Us. Man. Woman. The Cow. The Earth. The Moon. The Stars Ond That War Fell From The Far Off Heaven. Nearer To There Odin.


There Zeus. There Poseidon. Here On Midgard? There Be Found Humans, Demons Ond Angels.


“Let’s Roll.” A Quick ‘W’ Quote.


America. America. The United States Of America. The All American. We Are Doing. As I Am Doing. The NAVY Does.


What Are You? What Are You Doing? What Are You Doing To At Least Express Yourself Toward America’s Domestic Affairs. What Are You Doing To At Least Express Yourself Toward America’s Foreign Affairs? “Old Grand-Dad 800” This Book Is An Expression.


The Arguments of 2001 Are To Me Much Like The Arguments Of Today. Only In Line With Terror I Can Add The Shooting At The Jewish Holaucast Museum In D.C. Or Even The Bizzare Car Crashing Into The Blue Line CTA Train On Chicago’s Congress Expressway. A Car Crashing Directly From The West Bound Traffic Off The Fing Freeway Man!!!


My Answer At This Publishing To The Past Terror Is On The Radio.


“Chicago’s Alternative” Q101.1 FM  http://www.q101.com


As I Write This Down With ‘Crayons On Paper’ Maynard Scott Keenan Does The Vocals As TOOL Plays Out Their Hit.


When Will My Group Have Our Chance Again To Heal. With Me At The Healm Of Men Not Gods It Should Be This Year (2011). Right Now I Feel That So Much Of This Future Belongs There. To Lord “Valkyrie” Bell, Men Not Gods Ond Our Fanbase. Which Includes The Individual Reader. ~You~


I Am Hoping for The Best For Us All. Perhaps This The “First Black President” Can Influence The Enemy. Perhaps This Pope Our Benedict The 16th Can Calm Us With Wisdom By Cannonizing Five New Saints. Perhaps Lord “Valkyrie” Bell.


Perhaps I Will Know Another Day Of Prosperity.

“Mahagony In Mind”


Shall Give Way To “Erogenous Adonis” Which Will Open To

“Midgard:Rock:Olympiads – Thankyou Princess Diana”


From Here There Can Be Nothing But “Bravery” “Brave” Men Arise On Ond Embrace These Daylights On Those Nights Yet To Come. We Will Raise Our Sound From  One Fit To Form At 9 Tracks At 45 Minutes.  To Performing Full-Time 10 Years Later. 50 Tracks At 3 Hrs 30 Min.


I Would Ask ~You~ The Reader To Join In This Hope. This Faith. This Story…


He Is The Truth. The Way Ond The Life. Me? I Am A “Global Entertainment Artist.” I Have Been Featured On Television. On The Theatrical Stage. As Well As In Print. Over Ond Over. Since I Was But Two (2). The Greatest Thing I Can Share About Being Lord “Valkyrie” Bell.

That I Have Genuinely Worked For Over Thirty-Five Years.

Just Long Enough To Show That Where Others Will Accept That I Am. I Was. I Always Have Been. I Always Will Be. YORE. Friend. I Do So Wish To Write Here As TOOL Has Sharing,

“I Know How The Pieces Fit. I Know How The Pieces Fit.” 

“The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.” In The United States Of America. In 2001 We Lost Our Image. No Longer Untouchable. Not Pure As The Falling Winter Snow On “Thanksgiving” Nor On “Christmas Day.” When Thanksgiving Arrives In 2001. 2009. 2012. As I Do Each Year I Just Contemplate How Ugly. Vulnerable Ond Weak. America Must Have Looked Overseas. Not On Your American HDTV At Home Even This Very Day. We Do Look Ugly On Their Televisions.


 As Our Fellow Americans Died. As Our Planes Crashed. As Our Buildings Fell. As Our Very Own Military Leadership Was Hit In Washington, D.C. The Pentegon, Hurt. None Of The Words In This Book Is Ficticious. Non A Word Is Fake.


 Everything Is Fact. Original. Heart Felt. I Cry For The Old United States Of America.

Being From The MTV Generation.


 Living “The Seattle Sound” In The 1990’s. Going Into School At University. Being A T.K.E. Performing On MTV In 1992 Ond Then Hearing “The Black Album” From Metallica Ond The Airwaves With Pearl Jam Playing “Even Flow.”




Tau Kappa Epsilon


“SIU Saluki Sexual”


Men Not Gods – The Illinois Rock Band




Men Not Gods “Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band”








MADONNA – Icon Platinum Membership




Janet Jackson – “Number Ones”






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