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 “Old Grand-Dad 800”

 Part II
~September 11th 2001~
~This One Vice Lord’s Nine Years Of Terror~
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell
As I Continue. The Question. A Reader May Pose To Themselves These Questions. If They Have A Limited Command Of The Queen’s English.
“Is This Book About Terror?”
“Is This Book About The Future.”
“Is This Book Just A Trip Down Memory Lane?”
This 9 Year Published Retrospective Is All About The Constant Feelings That Move Through Me. They Have Since That Day Of Slaughter Ond The Collapse
Of That Portion Of American Civilization.
Yes. I Saw It Coming In 1997 At The First World Trade Center Attack. That Caused Me To Focus On Success. Then In 1999 No Sooner Did The United States NAVY Suffer Loss With The Damage Of The USS Cole At Yemen. Then
Did I Join The United States NAVY At The Age Of Twenty-Eight. Then Too It
Was After I Read “Ebony” Magazine Cover Story On Truly Saw Admiral John
Paul Reason Be Sworn As Supreme Commander Of The North Atlantic Fleet. 
My Service To The NAVY. I Created “The Poseidon Observation” Being An
Honest Roman Catholic Officer. Holding The Rank Of Yoman:E4 In Ongoing
Constant Support Of The Policy, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” As It Was. When I
Swore In At M.E.P.S. In Illinois. Just Outside Chicago, 1999. Controversial As This Might Continue To Be To Those Outside Of Military Circles.
Overt Homosexual Elisted Personel Do Arrive With Obvious Limits In Their Personal Sexual Development. Direct From A High School Educational Programme. They Still Arrive To Join The United States NAVY With Emotional Baggage Unbecoming An Enlisted Man Or Woman. Rendering Them To Further Stressors During Basic Training. They Themselves Hide Their Own Less Then Honourable Attractions For The “Same-Sex” During Their ‘P’ Days. This, I Am Certain. Any Reader With Senior Military Authority Has To Agree. This Does Prevent The Entire United States Military From Securing Qualified New 21st Century Officers.
Controversial As My Focused Study Of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” For The Last Twelve-Years Has Been Unto This Very Day. It Was So In New York City, New York. As It Was In Atlanta, Georgia. The Thing Is. This Book Is About The Future In As Much As It Is A Trip Down Memory Lane. Who Knew That. God Johovah God Knows Thus. This One. Lord “Valkyrie” Bell. Does Doeth. What Is At Stake!!!
The Facts Can Be Stated!!! As The Facts Are Stated. The Very Statements Can Be Broken Down For You. By Addressing The Miriad Of Numerous Attacks!!! Such  Evil Of Outright Terror Upon Our Allies. Who We, The United States Of America, Would Join With In A Joint Coalition To Bring A “Democracy” Of Democratic Government To Ancient Middle East Culture. To Iraq. On To Snuff Out Alqueda Given That Usama Bin Laden Is Dead. In Pakistan. On To Afghanistan.
While Here In The Year Of 2009. Forward Into The Distant 21st Century. Read:
“The Continuity Of Authority: Obama Campaign 2012” Within The Archives.
Many An American Citizen Does Indeed Thank You President George W. Bush.
“Decision Points” This Author Thanks Him For? Thank The Will Power. The Stamina Of Former President Bush The 2nd. The Mental Ond Emotional Endurance Of A Military Pilot From The Air National Guard. Say, “Thank You.”
Our Sitting President Barack Hussein Obama Himself. He Too, Even As We Have. Has Telephoned ‘W’ Recently To Report From “The War Room” As ‘The Democrat’ To A Real Texan. President Obama Has Also Accepted The Nobel Peace Prize.
The White House Ond The Pentegon Announced In The Recent Past That 40,000 Troops Would Join The Others In Afghanistan To Combat The Taliban Threat. While At The Sametime Trying To Give The Taliban A Voice In The Government Of Afghanistan. I For One Hope A Real Peace Can Be Found. But The Years Of 2009 To 2010 To 2011 Onto 2012? They Will. Ond They Shall See. For They Must Ond Will See More Terror In The Coming Days. More Danger. My Hands Are Clean. My Heart Is Good. I Am Irish. I Am Cherokee. Two Parts Afican. Fact.
As A “Global Entertaiment Artist” Yet More Artistic Hope From Me For Society.
Take How Nearly Chicago Narrowly Got The 3rd Place Position In 2010 For The 2012 Summer Olympic Games. While The Games In Fact Went To Rio Dijanero Brazil. In The Summer Of 2010 I Then Began My Plans For A Return To London.
I Want To Personally Say, How Proud I Am Of The United Kingdom For Your Continuing After The Tubes Were Bombed As Well As To Here Give A Salute To Madrid, Spain Where ‘Bullfighting’ Has Ended. Much Like The Nobel Peace Prize The Olympiads Of Ye Olde Times Allowed Country. Nation Ond States. To Come Together For Competition.
I Can Not Express Myself Enough Here. The Present Ond Future Mean Only As Much As The Past. There Is No Way I Can Seperate My Own Designs For Men Not Gods From The World’s Events. As They Unfold All About Me. I Will Take Time To Think.
Men Not Gods – The Illinois Rock Band
Men Not Gods: Chicago Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band
“Mahagony In Mind” 
Lord Valkyrie Bell – “Blogs + Word Press Archives”
Tau Kappa Epsilon
“TKE Queer Bunny” | Riverdale | Illinios | Chicago | Los Angeles | LONDON

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