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“This One Vice Lord’s Nine Years Of Terror | TKE” | May 31st 2011 Tuesday

 ~September 11th 2001~

~Lord “Valkyrie” Bell~

“Old Grand-Dad 800”

By Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, “TKE Queer Bunny”

Yes I Did So Cry. I Will Even Flow Through Here For Jest A Moment To Give Thanks To ABC News. www.abc.com Mr. Peter Jennings Himself Smoked A Square After A Single Fag Lit One At A Time Live On The Tele As I So Watched.

The Reports. “The World Trade Center Has Fallen. Both Buildings Burn Now At Some 10,500 Degrees Farenheit. The Loss Of Life Estimated At Some 40,000 Thousand At The Initial Reporting Televised Internationally. 40,000 Souls.

The “Subway Is Now Buried On The Collapse Of The Debree. Now On To A Super Hot Blaze Of 18,000 Degrees. That Is As Hot As The Sun’s Surface.” All So True.

 I Sat In An Irish Pub. In Atlanta, Georgia. Directly Across From A Cemetary, Which I Could See Had Been There Since The Civil War.

“I’ll Have A Shot Of Poison Please.” Said I.

 “What Type Of Poison Honey?” Said She Being The Barkeep.

 “A Shot Of ‘Old Grand-Dad 800!!!” I Said.

“$10 Dollars. Young Man.” Said She Being The Barkeeper.

 On The Television At That Moment The Second Plane Had Already Hit. On My Fifth Shot Of Whiskey She Just Handed Me The Entire Litre Bottle. Ond I Drank. My Poison. Until I Nearly Died Of It. The Noon Time Hours Hit Ond I Walked Out The Bar Amid The Local CNN Report That All Public Transportation Had Stopped.


 “I’ve Got To Get To Chicago.” I Thought Ond Did So Speak Aloud.

So, I Walked To The Greyhound Where I Sobered Up At A Table Among The Crowd. There A Young Ond Beautiful Beyonce’ Look Alike, At First Glance.

Solange Addressed Me Directly Saying: “Nope ‘Valkyrie’ I Am Her Little Sister.”

The Atlanta Greyhound Station Went Quiet When, Solange Knowles, Said:

 “Please Tell Us All About You ‘Valkyrie,’ Like What Brought You To Atlanta.

This Is Our Home.”

I Was Enamoured Ond Enchanted. I Completely Forget Myself Ond Said…

 “Well Being The City Of Such Hip Hop Souls As Ludacris. As Well As My Being A Vice-Lord In Fact Ond Truth From The City Of Chicago. I Guess Many Of You Might Think That I’ve Come To Jump On The Rap Scene. But In Fact I Sing As ‘The Intimate Soul Of Rock N Roll’ Young Lady. Otherwise I Am Known Here To Babyface Himself At Tonos www.tonos.com As “Mahagony In Mind” Honestly.”

They’re Greyhound Station Seemed Timeless. As My Men Not Gods Songs Came Flowing, Yes, Flowering With Such Core Honest NAVY Feeling. Feelings That I Told Solange Ond The Crowd. I Had Just Performed – In New York City At The Baggot Inn As Well As CBGB. Met With Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliot At Her MTV Record Release Party At HMV. I Really Felt This Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. Dixie.

 Moments Which I Thought Would End Ond It Did.

Today I Write These Memories. So Many More People Have Died At The Hands Of Pure Terror. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Ond Well Beyond The United States Of America. From 2001 Until What Will Soon Be 2012 The Blessing. As Well As My Tears. Fears Have Flowed Even Ond Well Beyond My As Any Source Of Terror.


Blessings Have Become My Life To Date Even Flow As Young Yet Aged As I Am As A Vice-Lord. So Babtised On December 13th 2002 As The One Male So Named, 


Lord “Valkyrie” Bell. www.twitter.com/101Valkyrie101

 What More Should I Feel Terror Of? Blood Shed In This World Of God’s Creation Is As Constant As Makind’s Folly. Eat All Of ‘We The People’ Of The United States Of America Must!!! But Must They Have Been So Militarily Successful? This Osama Bin Laden Ond His Network Of Terrorists. Along With Sadaam Hussein, The Deposed President Of Iraq. Could The Federal Avaition Administration (FAA)

Cause The United States Airforce To Fail, So Timely. To Protect Our Land, Sea Ond Air To Such Infinite Points That Four Expensive Jumbo Jet Aircraft Were Lost!!!

The Entire World Trade Center Site Burned. Even Flow Onto The Pentegon In Washingtom, D.C. Suffering Death As Well. Being A Devout Roman Catholic Of Universal Belief. Since The Crucifix Carry’s Ond Yet Even Flow Does Propel This Frequency In My Mind Eye To Greater Truths Leading To This Living Testimony Of Fact.

 I Am Lord “Valkyrie” Bell. Everyone At Subterranean Who Attended The Record Release Party Of Men Not Gods: “Mahagony In Mind” In Chicago. Members Filled The Club Beyond Capacity. Lance Earl Henderson, Jr. My “Brave” Best Friend. Whom I Love. Was There In Chicago, Wiker Park, Bucktown Attending The Show.

As Were The Chicago Acts Slaveship Ond SisterChild, Both Of Whom Opened For Us On That Long Ago Night In The Windy City 2001.  Fore September 11th 2001. It Was Far From A Scarce Thought During My Own Live Music Performance.

 The Very Next Morning. With A Small $25,000 Fortune “Verse Ond “Valkyrie” Went East. I Found That Living In East Harlem, New York City. Just As Opening To “The Spirit Of The Self,” In 2001. As I Found In 1994 Appearing In The IMTA. The International Modeling Ond Talent Association At The Manhattan Hilton Ond Towers. There. Little Did I Know That In 2001 Just Stopping For A Drink Would Lead To A Chance Meeting With Nas’s Father. He Whom Was Proud To Accept Two Copies Of “Mahagony In Mind” In New York City Was New York City!!!

The Year Of This Authoring Is 2009. While I Plan To Return To The East Coast In 2010 Where My “Nine Years Of Terror” Will Be Fully Realised To A Happy End…

“TKE Queer Bunny” |Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | LONDON, United Kingdom

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 “White JET Jizz Hot” | A MEN NOT GODS Music Group Books Publication

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