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“GOD Keep America Secure In Prayer”

 May 6th 2011 Friday.


With This Yahoo! Pulse Blog Entry.

My Intent Is To Show Our Leadership Of Men Not Gods.

As Well As To Gain Of This Self Same Life. As A Rather Devout Pios Man Of 40. I Myself. Being One Who Is Quite Theological. A Seasoned United States NAVY Veteran. Yoman Bell Ranking:E4. I Shall Use The Hands Of My Own Body For This Good. With My Own Soul I Have Come To Love Our Government. I Love Our 21st Century Established Leadership Ond I Do So Love The Church. To Being Babtised With “Water” I Say That I Am Me. Lord “Valkyrie” Bell. Deacon Anthony Lawrence Bell. Lord Valkyrie. British University North American Counselor Tony Bell:006. With This Yahoo! Pulse Blog Entry My Intent Is To Show Our Leadership Of Men Not Gods. As Well As To Give Of My Own Part Of This Self Same Word “Life” To Which All Women Ond Children Do Indeed Live A Portion Of Their Own Of This World On Earth. Which I Have So Called “Mankind’s Holy Life Existence” Right Here On Midgard.

ROMANS SIX 1-9 Ond 17 – 23

“What Shall We Say Then? Shall We Continue In Sin, That Grace May Abound? God Forbid. How Shall We, That Are Dead To Sin, Live Any Longer Therein? Know Ye Not, That So Many Of Us As Were Babtised Into Jesus Christ Were Babtised Into His Death? Therefore We Are Buried With Him By Baptism Into Death: That Like As Christ Was Raised Up From The Dead By The Glory Of The Father, Even So We Also Should Walk In Newness Of Life.” “For If We Have Been Planted Together In The Likeness Of His Death, We Shall Be Also In The Likeness Of His Resurrection: Knowing This, That Our Old Man Is Crucified With Him, That The Body Of Sin Might Be Destroyed, That Henceforth We Should Not Serve Sin. For He That Is Dead Is Freed From Sin. Now If We Be Dead With Christ, We Believe That We Shall Also Live With Him: Knowing That Christ Being Raised From The Dead Dieth No More; Death Hath No Dominion Over Him.”

“But God Be Thanked, That Ye Were The Servants Of Sin, But Ye Have Obeyed From The Heart That Form Of Doctrine Which Was Delivered You. Being Then Made Free From Sin, Ye Became The Servants Of Righteousness. I Speak After The Manner Of Men Because Of The Infirmity Of Your Flesh: For As Ye Have Yielded Your Members Servants To Uncleanness Ond To Iniquity Unto Iniquity; Even So Now Yield Your Member Servants To Righteousness Unto Holiness.”

“For When Ye Were The Servants Of Sin, Ye Were Free From Righteousness. What Fruit Had Ye Then In Those Things Whereof Ye Are Now Ashamed? For The End Of Those Things Is Death. But Now Being Made Free From Sin, Ond Become Servants To God, Ye Have Your Fruit Unto Holiness, Ond The End Everlasting Life. For The Wages Of Sin Is Death;But The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.” As To Those Translation Of My Lord God Ond Yours. He Who Is That One GOD The Father Ond Creator Of Us All!!! The Citizens Of Earth. “The Man.” “The Woman.” “The Cow.” God The Creator Must Be Called Upon For Divine Judgement Upon All Of Us. Including America. Do You Accept The Same Day Of Judgement We? MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK LLC. Done. “The Koran.” Judgement Given. Done. “The Holy Bible.” Judgement Revealed. Done. “The Torah.” Judgement: Wait On It. I Stumble Not At All Ond Neither Did Abraham. What The Father Loves. He Loves As My Lord God. What The Creator Works. He Works His Power As My Lord God. Lord Valkyrie… 40. This Is My Leadership. This Is My Influence. This Is My Supportive Nature. This Is My Blog. This Is My Letter. May 6th 2011. This Peice. This Entry. These Words. “The” Good Book. I Welcome All Who Receive This Work To Love. I Welcome All To Learn To End Strife With Real Diplomacy!!! Yet Your Precious Terrorist Leaders Do Not Mourn. Your Letters Have No Honour. No Tears. At The Very Least I Have Accepted Real Universal Truths. You Are Born. To Live. Then You Die. “Promise.” ~~~Tau Kappa Epsilon~~~ ~~~TKE~~~

Lord Valkyrie Bell


Men Not Gods “Erogenous Adonis”




The White House




Janet Jackson


Sully Erna




“TKE Queer Bunny U.K.” | Men Not Gods Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band!!! |

“TKE Queer Bunny” | Southern Illinois University Chicago | University Of Wisconsin Madison |

“TKE Queer Bunny” | University Of Minnesota Winona | Loyola University Chicago | 

“TKE Queer Bunny” | Men Not Gods –  The Illinois Rock Band |


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