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 Saturday, May 28th 2011

Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006

 Alright. Let Me Be Curt. Allow Me To Be Short. Direct. On Point!!!

 My Television As I Worked Yesterday Was On Comcast Xfinity Music Choice 716.

Right Now Mother Ond I Are Viewing Comcast Xfinity Channel 160 SyFy. Wow!!!

 Music Choice Was Playing The United Kingdom’s Coldplay “Clocks” So Yeah!!!

 SyFy Channel Is Going www.startrek.com With A Star Trek Marathon. So Cool!!!


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 Lord Valkyrie Bell 


 Men Not Gods

“Mahagony In Mind”

“Erogenous Adonis”


 Men Not Gods – The Illinois Rock Band


 “TKE Queer Bunny” London, UK | Chicago | Los Angeles | U.S.A. |


 Read Now This All Of You For The Warfare Upon This Earth Is Anguish For Me…

 ~~~Joshua Chapter 23~~~

 “And It Came To Pass A Long Time After That The LORD Had Given Rest Unto

Israel From All Their Enemies Round About, That Joshua Waxed Old Ond

Stricken In Age. Ond Joshua Called For All Israel, Ond For Their Elders, Ond

For Their Heads, Ond For Their Judges, Ond For Their Officers, Ond Said Unto

Them, I Am Old Ond Stricken In Age:”


“And Ye Have Seen All That The LORD Your God Hath Done Unto All These Nations Because Of You; For The LORD Your God Is He That Hath Fought For You.”


“Behold, I Have Divided Unto You By Lot These Nations That Remain, To Be An Inheritance For Your Tribes, From Jordan, With All The Nations That I Have Cut

Off, Even Unto The Great Sea Westward.”


“And The Lord Your God, He Shall Expel Then From Before You, Ond Drive Them From Out Of Your Sight; Ond Ye Shall Possess Their Land, As The LORD Your God Hath Promised Unto You.”

“Be Ye Therefore Very Courageous To Keep Ond To Do All That Is Written In The Book Of The Law Of Moses, That Ye Turn Not Aside Therefrom To The Right Hand Or To  The Left; That Ye Come Not Among These Nations, These That Remain Among You; Neither Make Mention Of The Name Of Their Gods, Nor Cause To Swear By Them, Neither Serve Them, Nor Bow Yourselves Unto Them:”

“But Cleave Unto The LORD Your God, As Ye Have Done Unto This Day.”

“For The LORD Hath Driven Out From Before You Great Nations Ond Strong: But As For You, No Man Hath Been Able To Stand Before You Unto This Day. One Man Of You Shall Chase A Thousand: For The LORD Your God, He Is That Fighteth For You, As He Hath Promised You. Take Good Heed Therefore Unto Yourselves, That Ye Love The LORD Your God. Else If Ye Do In Any Wise Go Back, Ond Cleave Unto The Remnant Of These Nations, Even These That Remain Among You, Ond Shall Make Marriages With Them, Ond Go In Unto Them, Ond  They To You:”


“Know For A Certainty That The LORD Your God Will No More Drive Out Any Of These Nations From Before You; But They Shall Be Snares Ond Traps Unto You, Ond Scourges In Yor Sides, Ond Thorns In Your Eyes, Until Ye Perish From Off This Good Land Which The LORD Your God Hath Given You.”

“And, Behold, This Day I Am Going The Way Of All The Earth: Ond Ye Know In All Your Hearts Ond In All Your Souls, That Not One Thing Hat Failed Of All The Good Things Which The Lord Your God Spake Concerning You; All Are Come To Pass Unto You, Ond Not One Thing Hath Failed Thereof.”

“Therefore It Shall Come To Pass, That As All Good Things Are Come Upon You, Which The LORD Your God Promised You; So Shall The LORD Bring Upon You All Evil Things, Until He Have Destroyed You From Off This Good Land Which The LORD Your God Hath Given You.”


“When Ye Have Transgressed The Covenant Of The LORD Your God, Which He Commanded You, Ond Have Gone Ond Served Other gods, Ond Bowed Yourselves To Them; Then Shall The Anger Of The LORD Be Kindled Against You, Ond Ye Shall Perish Quickly From Off The Good Land Which He Hath Given Unto You.” 

Questions: 1. “How Do You Feel.” 2. “Why Do You Think.”


Tau Kappa Epsilon



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