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101:Lord Valkyrie:101

Musicians' Guild Member

March 16, 2004

Hello. Mortals. I Am Lord “Valkyrie” The 1st.

You Have My Comprehension. You Have My Words. You Have My Support.

I Shall Return In Due Time. I Hope This Note Finds You All Very Well.

Be Well. Be Safe. Be Love. Believe…God Is Overstanding Universal.


Lord Valkyrie

“Welcome To The 21st Century Mortals. We Are Pleased You Arrived.”

—Lord “Valkyrie” The 1st—

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Journal Entries 

Welcome to this Researcher’s Journal. If you’d like to comment on anything they have written here, just click the relevant ‘Discuss this Entry’ button.101:Lord Valkyrie & Men Not Gods Prepare To Release “Erogenous Adonis” September 16, 2006:101
Feb 24, 2006

February 24, 2006

Lord Valkyrie Here.magic

My Chicago Rock Opera Band, Men Not Gods, And I Are Now In The Beginning Stages Of Planning The Rehearsal, Recording And Release Of Our First Full Length Long Play CD Titled, “Erogenous Adonis” Which Is Due This September 16th 2006.

We Are Planning Quite The Record Release Party On That Date Which Will Double A My 35th Birthday Party To Be Held We Hope At The Park West In Chicago With 900 Of Our Dearest Friends In Attendance.

From This Date Forward I Intend To Update You On The Progess Of My Band Men Not Gods From My Bringing The Core Membership Of The Band From 35 To A Mere Handfull Including Two Guitars, Bass And Drums With Myself, Valkyrie, On The Vocals.

As The Singer-Songwriter Composer And Arranger If Falls To Me To Pull Together A Group That Will Be Able To Stand The Test Of Not Only Fame But Also The Amount Of Time We Will Be Together In Rehearsal, On Stage And Finally On Tour. These Journals Will Act As A Method For Me To Share What I Am Going Through As An Above Average Thinker Planning An Above Average Show While Living Quite An Average Existence Here In Chicago. If The Lord Our God Is With Us Then Men Not Gods Will Emerge Onto The Public Scene On Both Sides Of The Pond This September 16th.

“Erogenous Adonis” Is Chapter Eight In A Thirteen Chapter Two Hundred Song Movement Rock Opera. I Wrote This Album In 2001 While Living In New York City. I Finished The Last Songs Just Days Before The Attack On New York City Some Five Years Ago. With 911 In Mind I Have Decided To Take “Erogenous Adonis” To My Band Men Not Gods Here In Chicago So That They Can Put The Full Treatment Onto This Peice. I Am Confident And I Am Excited That The 17 Tracks On “Erogenous Adonis” Are Timely And That They Speak Of A Message That God Himself Gave To This Valkyrie As A Wrote This Album.

Although Full Of Sexy Content Fully 11 Songs On “Erogenous Adonis” Are About God. You, The Audience, Can Expect More Than Just A Competent Performance From Your Lord Valkyrie At Showtime. My 35 Years Of Life Experience Shows In My Live Performaces. I Have Been In The Recording Industry For 12 Years. My Smooth Copper Tone Skin. My Six Foot Frame. My Baritone Voice With Operatic Delivery. My Model Quality Looks. All Of These Will Merge With The Music To Transport The Viewer Into The Show Itself. You Will Be Bathed In The Truth That Is Men Not Gods.

That Is All For Now. Lord Valkyrie Has Returned. Better Off You Are.


Lord “Valkyrie” The 1stcool
Frontman For Men Not Gods
The Chicago Rock Opera Band

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404:Le Journal Of Lord Valkyrie The 1st Of The 21st Century:404
Oct 7, 2004

“On His Majesty’s Secret Service: The Logic Of 006”
Bi Lord Valkyrie – Frontman Ond Living Literature
MEN NOT GODS Music Group Books, USA – UK
All Rights Reserved:2004:Copyrights Pending

7th Of October 2004 In The Era Of Our Lord Christ Jesus

Lord Valkyrie Present For Your Attention.magic cheers

Below Please Find Many Words Copied From The Men Not Gods Discussion Board Which I Thought Might Go Well On My Personal Space And As A Guide Entry. Bi Now You Might Be Asking What In The H2G2 Universe Am I Doing Research On And The Answer Is Simply The Place Of Men Not Gods And Valkyrie As Real Beings In The Current Universe Of The Performing Arts.

Enjoy These Insights Into The Inner Mind Of Lord Valkyrie. I Am He.

Truly 006,

Lord Valkyrie The 1st Of The 21st Centurymagic cool magic

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404:”The Miasma Of Life”:404
Jun 28, 2004

“On His Majesty’s Secret Service: The Logic Of 006”
Bi Lord Valkyrie Author Ond Living Literature
2004:All Rights Reserved:Copyrights Pending
MEN NOT GODS Music Group Books, USA – UK

28th June 2004 In The Era Of Our Lord Christ Jesus

The Year Was 667 Ond “The Miasma Of Life” As I Recall It Was Indeed Translated Bi My Dear Friend Ond Former Love St. Thomas Aquinas Who Is Still A Fine Theologian Ond Philosopher In This The 21st Century As He Was In The Year 1274 Of His Death.

There Is Nothing That Can Assuage Me Because It Was Indeed I Myself Lord Valkyrie – 006 Who Out Witted The Beast Herself In The Year 1225 So As To Be Sure That Saint Aquinas Might Finish His Sworn Divine Tasks Within His Mortal Lifetime.

She Was Cruel Ond She Was Crafty The Beast Was As She Was In The Year 666 So She Proved Her Power Ond Reach Into The Year 1274 Where I Drunk On Aquavit Dived Into The Aquifer To Escape The Men From The Pub Who Overheard Me Declare My Longstanding Love For Aquinas Ond Insisted That I Reveal To Them Whether This Love Was Unrequieted Or Made Flesh.

I Did Asseverate Even In Astral Form Assiduous I Thought I Was In My Ascetic Manner While Living As An Italian Yet Here I Failed Ond The Beast Filled Their Minds With Rage Ond Lust Ond Power.

Ond My Self Professed Love For This One Future Saint Nearly Destroyed All Men Not Gods Once. Here In The 21st Century I Now Swear To You All. Had She, The Beast, Prevailed In Destroying Aquinas The Future You All Do So Enjoy Now Would Indeed Have Fallen. Ergo, If I Fail This Mortal Timeline The Future Would Fall For Immortals.


Lord “Valkyrie” The 1stcool magic cool

A Servant Of God
Known To The Holy See
Loyal To The Crown Of The Church Of England

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303:”The Final Will Ond Testimony Of Lord Valkyrie”:303
Jun 27, 2004

“On His Majesty’s Secret Service: The Logic Of 006”
Bi Lord Valkyrie Author Ond Living Literature
2004:All Rights Reserved:Copyrights Pending
MEN NOT GODS Music Group Books, USA – UK

27th Of June 2004 In The Era Of Our Lord Christ Jesus

Such Silence Awe Fear Ond Anger I Have Suffered Here In Chicago At The Hand Of Man Woman Ond Their Unorthodox Protestant Delinquent Children.

That The Time Has Come To Set Forth The Truths About What We Will For That Which We Have Alone Have Created Bi Making Use Of Every Modern Evil Convention None Of Which We Invented Ond Yet We Are Born Into The Flesh At A Time Of Evidence That The Torah Bible Ond Koran Are Truths.

We Shiver At The Cold Response We Alone Received With Regard To “The White House” Letter With Many Thanks To “M” So Much So That We Now Begin That Which Must Be Set Forth In Words Ond That Which I Have Begun Now With These Few Keystrokes To Those With Honour Within Men Not Gods Globally Universal So That All May Know I Will My Creation To Our God.

Many Will Want To Know What Shall Lord Valkyrie Do What Will Become Of His Creation Should His Mortal Shell Meet A Doom Beyond Imagination Ond Recognizing Our Station Vs Our Status We Feel Now More In Control Of Men Not Gods Than Ever Before This Point In Space Ond In Mere Mortal Time. Yes. Three Mortal Decades We Have Endured This Timeline. Oh Yes.

We Have Made So Many Promises To The Self Over The Decades So Many That Most Have Indeed Been Kept As They Were A Mere Child’s Promise Rather Than The Promise A Man Of My Credentials Ond Lineage Must Make In Service To God Almighty As Well As To The Holy Ghost Ond Humanity For Humanity Is Less Than Men Not Gods Combined With The Truth That We Do Serve In The Immortal United States Navy This Day The Years Prior Ond On Into The Miasma Ond The Mists Ond The Fog Ond Shadows Gone Out Of Immortal Memory Ond For This I Am Sorry. Will My Sorrow Be Heard Ever.

Oaths Have Indeed Been Sworn Bi Many Many Men In Many A Culture Bred Bi Mother Earth To Traverse The Seas Ond Her Oceans Ond Now We Witness Mortal Man Accend Into The Vast Uncharted Reality Of Flying Into The Very Arms Of Christ Himself As They Seek To Soar Into The Heavens Without One Shred Of Truth In Their Unorthodox Protestant Hearts Nor Do They Accept Grace As If Christ Jesus Would Return In This 21st Century Only To Find His Death Might Indeed Have Been In Such Immortal Vain.

Vanity Is Not A Scar On The Face Of The Armada Fore The Oaths Of Office That Many A Man Ond Woman Have Taken In These Dreadfully Terrible Days Will Be Found Justified As They Were Indeed Sworn To Protect Kingdom Ond Country Ond So I Tip My Words In Favour Of The United Nations, The United Kingdom Ond Our Own So Very Young Ond Naive Blessed Nation Ond Republic So Named The United States Of America!!! Eternally Native Me.

Dignitaries Born Into Disfunctional Families Die. Yet Death Be An Angel.

“The Final Will Ond Testimony Of Lord Valkyrie” Begun It Has Forever.

Truly 006,

Lord Valkyriecool magic cool

A Servant Of God
Known To The Holy See
Loyal To The Crown Of The Church Of England

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404:The End Of The Pier Show:404
Jun 24, 2004

“On His Majesty’s Secret Service: The Logic Of 006” Bi Lord Valkyrie
2004:All Rights Reserved:Copyrights Pending
MEN NOT GODS Music Group Books, USA – UK

—Note From The Author Ond Creator Of This Living Literature—

“This Scene From The “Play” Was In Reply To One Known As “GreyDesk” Who Did Invite The Author To His Space Where We Are Sure He Innocently Just Wanted Lord Valkyrie, 006 To Know The Long Standing Brighton Pier Fell Under The Gales Force Winds Finally Succumbing To Age Ond We All Know That Time Is An Enemy Of Creation Eventually To Destroy Bi Slow Quantum Decay Everything God – The Creator Of The Known Universe – God Did Do At A Point In Space Without Time Or At A Point In Time Space Or At A Point In Space-Time Or At A Point In Time Ond Space Or Giving Opinion Over To This Author Ond Creator Odin Did Destroy The Known Universe At The First Ragnarok And That Would Be The Big Bang Of Modern Day Science Which Is Why Evidence Of It Has Now Been Proven Bi N.A.S.A. Other Like Agencies Do Make A Constant Study Of Astronomical Anamolies Which Lord Valkyrie, 006 Does Overstand Ond Comprehend With Divinity. Ye So.

To Continue On This Front It Is Also Known That Eden Did Exist Ond That In The Beginning God – The Father Of The Known Universe – Did Survive By Being A God In Asgard. The Big Bang Which I Did Type Already Was The First Ragnarok When Odin – The Viking God Of War – Did Thus Construct Nay Create The Known Universe That All Humanity Is Trapped In Known In Plain Modern Day English As “The Gauntlet” Ond Lord Valkyrie Is Not Pleased With This At All Nor Is The Arch Angel Death Who Is Fully Aware That The Viking Name “Valkyrie” In Norse Means, “Choser Of The Slain” Ond Yet As It Is My Divine Birth Right In American English It Does Mean “A Servant Of God” Ergo When Christ Jesus Commands It Upon The First Revelation Both Death Ond Valkyrie Will Leave The Gauntlet Bi Way Of The Exit And Drink Whatever Is Being Set Down To Drink If There Be Need To Drink At All In Asgard Heaven Paradise Vahalla Or Olympus. So.

The Excerpt From “The Play” Below Much Like “Harry Potter” Was Never Intended To Scare Offend Intimidate Confuse Upset Endager Or Any Way Harm The Reader Or Yet The Listener Here On The H2G2 BBCi BBC Website. As I Am Living Literature I Can Offer No Apology Beyond Thought So I Have No Words In Mortal Languages To Speak Ond Yet I Have Taken Great Care In Contruct-Time Preparing This Lengthy Note To Accompany A Needed Reposting Of My Creative Living Literature. So As To Benefit The World Wide Wonderland That Is The BBC Community At Large As Well As To See The Response H2G2 Moderators Have. If This Is My Journal Entry Ond This Is My Personal Space Only We Take The Liberty To Really Create My Own Command Of English Is My Own Ond We Must Will Shall Ond So Do Serve The Crown Of The Church Of England For This King As 006 Just As We Did For Our Good King James The Creator Of Version 1 Of “The Holy Bible” Ond Without Modern Conventions Such As The Intranet Ond The Television Ond Without The Printing Press He Did Receive Aide From The Vaticano Itself Just As I Do Because I Also Serve The Holy See.

My Great Grand Mother Bubby Emma Beckley Was An Irish Victorian Ond If She Were Alive To Guide My Fingers As I Write This Very Last Bit Of Intelligence Ond Overstanding Ond Comprehension Upon You All INDEED We Are So Sad That You There Wrote “The Satanic Bible” Ond Made Profit!!!

Time Destroys History. Time Is The Enemy Of Mortals Not Immortality. I Add This Journal Entry Now To Add To The Lexicon Of The English So That Today As It Was Then All Will Remember That: “English Is The Language Of Creation’s Creator” So Say The Rock Band Oasis. EARTH IS A MORTAL’s OASIS. So Let It Be Written. So Obviously It Has Been Done. Thank You.”

—Lord “Valkyrie” The 1st Anthony Lawrence Bell Of The 21 Century—

23rd Of June In The Year Of Our Lord Christ Jesus

“Without Question Lord Valkyrie This One Deserves Your Insights My 006.”

Logic Dictates That I Do More To Communicate That Which But A Few On This Olde Newbie H2G2 Have Begun To Accept My King. You Have Returned.

Someone Over There Whose Name Is Holds No Binding Did Profit From The Satanic Bible. The Gale Force Storms There In Brighton Are Just One Of The Results Of This Tragedy!!! This Immortals Eternal Outrage Is 101!!!

These Storms Howl Bi The Power Of The Banshies – Irish Ond The Sirens – Greek At The Same Time As The King Returns To The Crown Of The Kingdom Common People Would Dare To Profit Off Of That Serpent – That Devil – That Snake Of Olde Ancient Evil Named Satan!!! Hear Me Ond Know Me Know.

I Am A Hearld For Many A God. A God Bi Any Name Is A God Just The Same.

Moses Prince Of Egypt – Leader Of The Jewish Faith
Joan Of Arc – The Messenger Ond Liberator Of France
Lord Valkyrie, 006 – Emissary Ond Herald Of Ragnarok
Mohammed – The Last Profit
Christ Jesus – King Of Kings Our Lord Ond Saviour
The Holy See – The Seat Of The Church Here On Earth
The Crown Of The United Kindom – The Godhead Of The Church Of England

All Else Is Orthodoxy – Protestant – Spiritual – Pagan – Or Occult.

Regarding The Pier: In My Soul I’ve Played There In Spirit Moons Ago.

Be Stronger Now Dear Sweet Mortal “GreyDesk” Lad Or Lass For He Comes.

All Good Things Must Come To Pass With Divinity Ond Grace Within Time.

In Truth I Have Been To That Pier. I Kissed A Lass There As Her Hubby Laid Out Totally Liqoured Up God Bless The Lad. Then We Carried Him Home Put Him To Bed, Naked Naturally, Then She And I Chatted Starlike.

Truly 006,

Lord Valkyriecool kiss Ondmagic bubbly erm tea

“Mists Ond Shawdows On The Edge Of Forever Night!!! The Wind Doth Howl. The Wind Has Wisdom Ond Power. Mist Ond Shadow. Sing Your Song. Until The Stars Are All In A Line. When His Face Will Be Seen To Shine.”


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