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May 25th 2011, Wednesday. This Was Originally Published Psalm Sunday.

“Thine Kingdom’s Journal”

War. Money. Leadership.

Money. Leadership. War.

Leadership!!! War!!! Money!!!

War. It Is Open Armed Conflict. Between Nations Or Any Active Hostility Or Struggle.
Military Operations As A Science Of, In Or From War. To Carry On War!!! To Contend
Ond To Strive At War In A State Of Armed Conflict. This Which Is The State Of Now!!!

To Much Of The World On Earth Once Thought Of Bi Lord Valkyrie Bell As Being
Civilized. Known As The Middle Eastern Territories. Where Now Unfortunately Due To
A Destablization Of The Region. The United Kingdom. European Union. The United Nations.
As Well As The United States Of America Are All Involved In Open Political Posturing. Now
Over Who Shall Actually Run The Various Governments In Light Of The Very Face Of Change.
What Form Of Cloak Ond Which Daggers Will Be Implemented Over The Next Election Cycle.

Antagonistic Ond Incompatible!!! This Negative “Social Network Effect” Is Now A Fight Or
Rather Wide Ond Broadcasted On Television As Open War. Due To Sharp Disagreement, As
Of Interests Ond Ideas. Which Have Indeed Broken Down Into A Horrid Emotional Disturbance
Of Pain. Evil!!! Horrid Death Ond Sufferring. Over Money!!! Overtly.

Money. It Is Not Merely A Few Simple Stamped Pieces Of Metal Nor Paper Notes Authorized 
By A Government As A Medium Of Exchange Of A Wide Variety Of Goods. Such As Crude Oil
Ond Advanced High Tech Weaponry.

The Pope: Papas Father Of The Roman Catholic Church.
The Bishop Of Rome Ond Head Of The Church.

Lord Valkyrie Bell Quotes: “Never Reach Out Your Hand Unless You Are Willing To Extend
An Arm.” ~~~Pope Paul VI

Lord Valkyrie Bell Quotes: “You Want A Friend In Washington? Get A Dog.”
~~~Harry S. Truman, 33rd President Of The President Of The United States Of America

Leadership. Leadership Comes From A Real Leader As One That Leads. Guiding As The Head
Principal Chief. He Or She Has To Show The Way As By Going Before The Public. To A Certain
Direction. To Bring About Action As A Result. To Be Ond To Go First In That Role As An Example
Of A Leader.

Lord Valkyrie Bell Quotes: “Glory Is Fleeting. But Obscurity Is Forever.” ~~~Napoleon Bonaparte

Lord Valkyrie Bell Quotes: “He Who Is A Good Ruler Must Have Been Ruled.” ~~~Aristotle

Lord Valkyrie Bell Quotes: “God Is A Being That Is Noable. Both Known Ond Unknown.”
~~~A Roman Catholic Mother Superior
On The Oprah Winfrey Show
November 23rd 2010

GOD Knows War!!! Christ The Nazarine. King Of Kings. Lord Of Lords.
GOD Gave Us His Only Begotten Son. Given Virgin Birth. By Mother Mary.
They Are Earth’s Leadership!!! Along With The Angels. The Saints.
Ond Yes The Tribe Of MAN.

~ZECHARIAH~ O JORDAN!!! O Lebanon Chapter 11:1-14

“OPEN Thy Doors, O Lebanon, That The Fire May Devour Thy Cedars. Howl, Fir Tree; For The Cedar Is Fallen; Because The Mighty Are Spoiled: Howl, O Ye Oaks Of Ba’Shan; For The Forest Of The Vintage Is Come Down. There Is A Voice Of The Howling Of The Shepherds; For Their Glory Is Spoiled: A Voice Of The Roaring Of Young Lions; For The Pride Of Jordan Is Spoiled.”

“Thus Saith The Lord My God: Feed The Flock Of The Slaughter; Whose Possessors Slay Them, Ond Hold Themselves Not Guilty: Ond They That Sell Them Say, Blessed Be The Lord; For I Am Rich: Ond Their Own Shepherds Pity Them Not. For I Will No More Pity The Inhabitants Of The Land,  Saith The Lord: But, Lo, I Will Deliver The Men Every One Into His Neighbour’s Hand, Ond Into The Hand Of His King: Ond They Shall Smite The Land, Ond Out Of Their Hand I Will Not Deliver Them.”

“Ond I Will Feed The Flock Of Slaughter, Even You, O Poor Of  The Flock. Ond I Took Unto Me Two Staves; The One I Called Beauty, Ond The Other I Called Bands; Ond I Fed The Flock. Three Shepherds Also I Cut Off In One Month; Ond My Soul Lothed Them, Ond Their Soul Also Abhorred Me.”

“Then Said I, I Will Not Feed You: That That Dieth, Let It Die; Ond That This Is To Be Cut Off, Let It Be Cut Off; Ond Let The Rest Eat Every One The Flesh Of Another. Ond I Took My Staff, Even Beauty, Ond Cut It Asunder, That I Might Break My Covenant Which I Had Made With All The People. Ond It Was Broken In That Day: Ond So The Poor Of The Flock That Waited Upon Me Knew That It Was The Word Of The Lord.”

“Ond I Said Unto Them, If Ye Think Good, Give Me My Price; Ond If Not, Forbear. So They Weighed For My Price Thirty Pieces Of Silver. Ond The Lord Said Unto Me, Cast It Unto The Potter: A Goodly Price That I Was Priced At Of Them. Ond I Took The Thirty Pieces Of Silver, Ond Cast Them To The Potter In The House Of The LORD. Then I Cut Asunder Mine Other Staff, Even Bands, That I Might Break The Brotherhood Between Judah Ond Israel.”

“Mahagony In Mind”
 Lord Valkyrie Bell



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