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“The Lord Of The Sith: Star Wars Adventure 101” By Lord “Valkyrie” Bell


Leia: ” Are You Enjoying Your Mediterranean Soak?”

Lord Valkyrie: “Yes My Tattoine Princess. My Love. My Fiance.”

—A Communication Comes From Above And Just Out Of The Sith’s Hearing.

She: “What? My Lord Of The Sith!!! The Admiral Of My Star Destroyer Calls On All Currents!!! Yes!!! What Is It!? I Hear You!!!”

Lord Valkyrie: “No! Do Not Answer Him!!! You Will Leave Me Now After Two Thousand Years!!! Don’t Reply Princess.”

Admiral Han Solo: ” We Are In Orbit Around The Luna Terra Moon.”

Lord Valkyrie: “Why!!! Not Today. Open Halo Field.”

Admiral Han Solo: “As Was My Plan My Sith Lord.”

—The Star Wars Music Soars. The Thunderous Sounds And Light Of The Millenium Falcon Flying Out Of The Exploding Endorian Death Star. He Is Lord Valkyrie. The Lord Of The Sith. She Is Princess Leia. Jedi Knight.

Leia: “Finally. I Am Free. I Am Leia. I Am Learning.”

Lord Valkyrie. “I Will Die Forgetting Death.”

Leia: “Handle Death As You Will Dark Sith.”

Lord Valkyrie: “You Are Free. I Pick. All The Heavens Princess Leia Organa. The Earth Is Now Free.”

—The Lord Of The Sith. Won. This Peaceful Message From Him.

Emperor Plapintine: “Lord Valkyrie. The Earthling Lord. The Elven Lord Ond Sith. Free My Spirit Now. I Am Yet Still The Emperor. he he he…”

Lord Valkyrie: “As You Wish My Emperor. But Do Not Forget Your Death. Call Me Not Again For You Are Dead And The Admiral Han Solo Of His Own Star Destroyer Waits For Is Bride To Arrive On Her Empirial Shuttle High Above The Earth. Now Leaving Halo Space She Lands There Even Now.”

Han Solo: “Are We Alive? After 2000 Years!!! Two Thousand I Mean. Princess. I Have To Ask.”

Leia: “Next Stop?” Lando: “Deggobah.” Yoda: “Hurry Lando. Luke Is Here. Fail Not!!! Terra Firma Is Soon To Be Lost.”

Leia: “Master Yoda. Just Know That I Am Sad Over The Loss And Success Of This Mission. Thank You For Both Proving And Restoring My Hope In The Force.”

—The Lord Of The Sith. Lord Valkyrie. He Rises From The Mediterranean Sea. Nude. Wet. He With Wings!!! He Rages. The Sun Drys His Build. He Is. The Lord Of The Sith. The Winged Eleven Sith Lord.

Lord Valkyrie: “Air!!! I Still Live Lord. I Am Lord Valkyrie.”

The Sea Witch: “How Long Have I Lived Now Lord Valkyrie?!”

Lord Valkyrie: “Here On The Shores Of Patmos Two Thousand Years My Lady.”

The Sea Witch: ” You Are Covered In My Sands Now. Obey Me!!!”

Lord Valkyrie: “No!!! Look Now As The Spirit Craft Rises From The Mediterranean Sea Sending Giant Waves!!!”

Luke: “Master Yoda!”

Yoda: “Evil She Is Luke. Evil She Is.”

Luke: “Leia.”

Admiral Han Solo: “Luke We Are Not Turning Around.”

Luke: “Deggobah. Their Next Stop.”

Yoda: “Home To The Newest Temple. Home.”

—It Is Known As The Spirit Craft Now. A Pearl Covered Vessel. Diamond Made. Now. Patmos. Greece. Italy. Egypt. The Meditteranean Sunomi. A Titan Of A Craft. Created By A Titan.

Lord Valkyie: “Goodbye My Lady.”

—Lord Valkyrie Boards The Hull Of The Spirit Craft.

The Sea Witch: “The Water. I Will Drown! I Will Die!”

Lord Valkyrie: “For I Have Allowed You To Kill Your Spirit Witch. I Am The Source Of The Lifeforce Source.”

The Sea Witch: “Liar!!! My Turn. Millions Have Died And Now Millions Will Die. Face Me Now!!! A Titan!!! An Earthling Jedi Sea Witch!!!”

—The Sea Witch Flies From The Shores Of The Meditteranean Sea. Holds On To The Wings Of Lord Valkyrie. He Holds On To The Spirit Craft Itself Flying Now At Halo Speed. The Continent Size Vessal Loops The Earth And Is Now At The Moon. His Wings. Gone. His Halo. His Own. The Vessel Opens. He Enters. Alone. A Rage. Earth Terra. The Moon. Mars Ond Beyond. Soon Meditteranean Sea Water Will Cover Much.

Lord Valkyrie: “Foolish Sea Witch. What Is Water Without Life. What Is Sand To Fire. I Am Lord Valkyrie. I Am Lord Of The Sith. The Elven Sith Lord. Whole Ond Alive. I. I Am. Whole. Now Be Still Now Ond Warm Me Ond Better Still Warm This Vessel Draco. We Now Travel Beyond Even Halo Speed You Dragon God. We Now Travel By Thought. From Here On End What They Create On Earth We Will Both Still Know My Pet. Warm This Spirit Craft. After We Finish The Job That Both The Jedi Knights Ond The Rebel Fleet Failed To Do With Such Obvious Explosive Power I Shall Do The Emperor’s Spirit. The Jedi’s Spirit. The Rebellious Spirit In Them All Ond Even In You My Pet Dragon God. Now Draco. Warm This Vessel. I Will Unchain You Soon To Attack With Life!!! While They Still Depend On High Technology In A Galaxy Far Far Away. Yes. But Not Even One Second Out Of The Grip Of My Control Over Them Using The Darkside Of The Force Of Will. Mine. Theirs. Mine. His. Now. Yours. “

End Of Scripted Communication—Part One.

I Hope You Enjoyed Part One Of “The Lord Of Sith: Star Wars Adventure 101” Written By Myself Lord “Valkyrie” Bell. Mr.

Anthony Lawrence Bell. With All Due Excitement For Filmwork And In Support Of “Attack Of The Clones” With My Mind Ready To See The New Tom Cruise Flick “Valkyrie” All Ready On DVD.

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Which Is Owned By Discmakers To Learn More About The Recording Art World Ond Industry I Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Move In.

Business Ond Personal Calls Will Be Accepted As Well As All Messages. 618 – 727 – 1872 Cell.

Email mennotgods101@yahoo.com To Offer A Verbal Or Written Response To “The Lord Of The Sith: Star Wars Adventure 101” – Part One.

Thank You Mr. George Lucas And To All Of You At Lucas Film Limited. I Welcome Your Multifaceted Support. I Need A Budget Beyond My Current Means. With This Email, Maybe The Rest, Will Just Be Gentlly Placed In A Position For Myself.

Please Search Out LordValkyrie On Google – MSN – Yahoo Or Even Starwars.com.

To You Ond Yours Mr. Lucas,

Lord “Valkyrie” Bell

a.k.a Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell




Founder Ond Frontman

Singer Ond Songwriter

Actor – Model – Author


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