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Box 204 Doctor Springs Road, Colp, IL 62921
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”
Executive Producer~Publisher~Owner~Vocalist
United States NAVY Yoman:E4 Mr. Tony Bell
“Mahagony In Mind”
“The Continuity Of Authority: Obama Campaign 2012”

The President Of The United States Of America Is Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.
There Is No Political Logic To Be Shared Here In This Letter Other Than Fact.
Upon Your Reading Of This Letter To The White House In Wahingtom, D.C.
You. The Democrats Who Are Allowed To Be Around The President. Will Begin
An Inner Struggle Of A Spiritual Nature. Regarding Winning A Second Term For
Him. The First Black President Of The United States Of America. Barack Obama.
Allow Me The Better Part Of Roman Catholic Wisdom Here. Know That I Am Black.
Cherokee. Irish. African. Remove From Your Mind As Well As Your Campaign Team
Anyone Who Is Blind To The Human Character Of President Barack Hussein Obama.
The First Family Of The United States Of America Is “Living Historical Value” There.

Those Seeking The Republican Nomination Are Never Thought Of As Other Than 
Political Counterparts. Period. Accept No Flaws. No Other Logic. 
This Quest You Shall Now Accept Is The Intent To Remain 
The Oval Office Itself. Fact


I. Men Not Gods: “The Central Focus Of The Second Term Is Today.”
     1. N.A.S.A.  http://www.nasa.gov    
Mr. President. It Is Of Vital Precedent That As Of This Reading You Make N.A.S.A.
The Central Focus Of The Work Of The Executive Branch. This Is The 3rd Age Of Man.
Our Destiny Is To Colonize The EARTH’s Moon. Then The U.S.A. Will Land On Mars.
The Vatican http://www.twitter.com/vaticannews  Shared The Official Stance Of The Church.
That It Is Likely That We Do Have “Cousins” Who Are Of Human Kind Far Above.
S.E.T.I. Was Brought To A Close By The United States Government. This Is An Error.
The Search For Exterrestrial Intelligence Served A Real Scientific Exploration. Science.
Advanced Sciences As Well As High Technology Serve As A Portion Of The Larger Part Of The Infrastructure Of The United States Of America. The Government Cutback That Allowed
S.E.T.I. To Hold Their Search Should Be Reversed Here In The Year 2011. Yes.
It Is Extremely Short Sighted Of Our Government To End “Any” Government Support
Of Research Of This Advanced Critical Nature. Is The Future Of N.A.S.A. Certainty?
     2. “Defense.” http://www.military.com  
“A Faith Based Commuity Initiative.”
Mr. President. You Are Our “Commander Ond Chief” & Men Not Gods Supports You.
Working With The President Of Russia. You Made The Decision To Agree With Our One 
Time Adversaries In Moscow Regarding Our Nuclear Weapons Arsenal. Indeed.
We Should, Along With Moscow, End The Proliferation Of This Type Of Weaponry.
The Congress Obviously Proved Yesterday Their Influence In These Matters. As The Direct Representatives Of The Populace They Acted To Prevent You There In At The Executive Branch Disassembly Of Our Same Nuclear Weapons Arsenal. Right They Are.
As A Matter Of “Homeland Security” This Country Requires Our Missle Defense If Only Due
To The Fact That Usama Bin Laden Is Dead. As Well. The Unstable National Military Actions
Of North Korea Just Recently Against South Korea Make Reasonable Men Not Gods Support
Of You As The President Of The United States Of America.
As Deterrent. As A Matter Of Purpose. Risking Disassembly Of The Nuclear Arsenal?
Mr. President. Sir. Building Nuclear Weapons As An Act Of  “Nuclear Science” Is Not A
Simple Pursuit. Removal Of “Nuclear Materials” By The Tons From Weaponry
Has Little 
Success. There Is Nothing To Gain. While Attempts Will Be Made To Keep America Safe
From The Nuclear Waste It Would Generate. You Risk Acts Of Theft.
     3. “Immigration” http://www.whitehouse.gov  

Mr. President. The Laws On Immigration Are Sound As They Stand. You Can Please Some
Of The People Some Of The Time. Then Please Pray On This Matter:
“What Should The United States Of America Do About Illegal Immigration?”
The Population Of The U.S.A. Is Growing. “The Great American Melting Pot” As Is
“The Great Experiment” Has Led To Great Change In The American Culture. Such Change
Did Not Bring Greater Safety. Greater Stability. A Greater Stable Economy. I Suggest A Much
Deeper Analysis Of What It Will Benefit The Hundreds Of Thousands Of American Citizens Who
Answered The Call For The Last United States Census.
Men Not Gods Opinion:

“Those Who Enter The United States Of America Illegally Have Broken Any Trust That Men Not Gods
Might Have Due To The Current Drug Warfare Ongoing Both In Mexico & Along Our Border States.”

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Lord Valkyrie Bell

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