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May 25th 2011, Wednesday.

“This Is My Life. This Is My Story. This Is My Song.” MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK LLC. Is At This Time Taking On A Specific Creative Direction. Where We Here Have Become Aware Of Our Words. Fortunately For Lord Valkyrie Bell. Since 1994. As A Chicago Representative At The International Modelling Ond Talent Association (IMTA) In Manhattan, New York City. Industry Has Changed. Turning The “Public” Into “Players” Who’ve Proven They Have Voice. “Players” Who’ve  Proven The Power Of GOD. Whom We All Serve. Amen. In This 21st Century Realm Of Midgard. Those That Have Are Now Placed In A Position Where They Must Acknowledge The Have Nots.

“My Son, Attend Unto My Wisdom, Ond Bow Thine Ear To My Understanding: That Thou Mayest Regard Discretion, Ond That Thy Lips May Keep Knowledge. For The Lips Of A Strange Woman Drop As An Honeycomb, Ond Her Mouth Is Smoother Than Oil: But Her End Is Bitter As Wormwood, Sharp As A Twoedged Sword. Her Feet Go Down To Death; Her Steps Take Hold On Hell. Lest Thou Shouldest Ponder The Path Of Life, Her Way Are Moveable, That Thou Canst Not Know Them. Hear Me Now Therefore, O Ye Children, Ond Depart Not From The Words Of My Mouth. Remove Thy Way Far From Her, Ond Come Not Nigh The Door Of Her House:”

“Lest Thou Give Thine Honour Unto Others, Ond Thy Years Unto The Cruel: Lest Strangers Be Filled With Thy Wealth; Ond Thy Labours Be In The House Of A Stranger; Ond Thou Mourn At Last, When Thy Flesh Ond Thy Body Are Consumed, Ond Say, How Have I Hated  Instruction, Ond My Heart Despised Reproof; Ond Have Not Obeyed The Voice Of My Teachers, Nor Inclined Mine Ear To Them That Instructed Me!!!”

“I Was Almost In All Evil In The Midst Of The Congregation Ond Assembly. Drink Waters Out Of Thine Own Cistern, Ond Running Waters Ouut Of Thine Own Well. Let Thy Fountains Be Dispersed Abroad, Ond Rivers Of Waters In The Streets. Let Them Be Only Thine Own, Ond Not Strangers’ With Thee. Let Thine Fountain Be Blessed: Ond Rejoice With The Wife Of Thy Youth. Let Her Be As Loving Hind Ond Pleasant Roe; Let Her Breasts Satisfy Thee At All Times; Ond Be Thou Ravished Always With Her Love.”

“Ond Why Wilt Thou, My Son, Be Ravished With A Strange Woman, Ond Embrace The Bosom Of A Stranger? For The Ways Of Man Are Before The Eyes Of The LORD, Ond He Pondereth All His Goings. His Own Iniquities Shall Take The Wicked Himself, Ond He Shall Be Holden With The Cords Of His Sins. He Shall Die Without Instruction; Ond In The Greatness Of His Folly He Shall Go Astray.”

SAINT JUDE Verse 3 – 10 Ond 16 – 21
“Beloved, When I Gave All Diligence To Write Unto You Of The Common Salvation, It Was Needful For Me To Write Unto You, Ond Exhort You That Ye Should Earnestly Contend For The Faith Which Was Once Delivered Unto The Saints. For There Are Certain Men Crept In Unawares, Who Were Before Of Old Ordained To This Condemnation, UnGodly Men, Turning The Grace Of Our God Into Lasciviousness, Ond Denying The Only Lord God, Ond Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

“I Will Therefore Put You In Remembrance, Though Ye Once Knew This, How That The Lord, Having Saved The People Out Of The Land Of Egypt, Afterward Destroyed Them That Believed Not. Ond The Angels Which Kept Not Their First Estate, But Left Their Own Habitation, He Hath Reserved In Everlasting Chains Under Darkness Unto The Judgement Of The Great Day.”

“Even As Sodom Ond Gomorrha Ond The Cities About Them In Like Manner, Giving Themselves Over To Fornication, Ond Going After Strange Flesh, Are Set Forth For An Example, Suffering The Vengence Of Eternal Fire. Likewise Also These Filthy Dreamers Defile The Flesh, Despise Dominion, Ond Speak Evil Of Dignities.”

“Yet Michael The Archangel, When Contending With The Devil He Disputed About The Body Of Moses, Durst Not Bring Against Him A Railing Accusation, But Said, The Lord Rebuke Thee. But Speak Evil Of Those Things Which They Know Not: But What They Know Naturally, As Brute Beasts, In Those Things They Corrupt Themselves.”

“These Are Murmurers, Complainers, Walking After Their Own Lusts; Ond Their Mouth Speaketh Great Swelling Words, Having Men’s Persons In Admiration Because Of Advantage. But, Beloved, Remember Ye The Words Which Were Spoken Before Of The Apostle Of Our Lord Jesus Christ; How That They Told You There Should Be Mockers In The Last Time, Who Should Walk After Their Own UnGodly Lusts.”

“These Be They Who Separate Themselves, Sensual, Having Not The Spirit. But Ye, Beloved, Building Up Yourselves On Your Most Holy Faith, Praying In The Holy Ghost, Keep Yourselves In The Love Of GOD, Looking For The Mercy Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Unto Eternal Life.”

Lord Valkyrie Bell



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