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MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK LLC. All Rights Reserved 2011 Oprah.com
MEN NOT GODS Music Group Television, USA-UK
Lord Valkyrie Bell
April 14th 2011
SYNOPSIS/Two Hour Weekly Program Broadcast Live On The Oprah Winfrey Network OWN To Debut 2012!!!
~~~Friday Nights ~~~ 2 HOURS ~~~ Improvisational ~~~ Multimedia ~~~ Entertainment ~~~Journalistic
~~~ Talk Show Format
~~~ Host: Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord Valkyrie!!!
~~~Social ~~~ Political ~~~ Educational ~~~ Theological ~~~ Live OWN Variety Show Peice.
Creative Notes On The Host Ond Co-Executive Producer: Mr. Tony Bell, Valkyrie…
~~CV RESUME~~ 1985 – 1990
“Second City Teen” Improv Student Under Carey Goldburg / Francis Collier
Theatre Study In Improv Technique On The Second City Chicago Mainstage Ond ETC. 1985 – 1990
GLBT GAY Parade On WGN Dignified Bi Youth Horizon Community Services Teen Where I Marched With The American Flag Proudly. 
I Led The LakeView Youth From Bronzville As A Harold Washington Scholar. 1985 – 1990
1985 – 1990 Host Of The UIC/New Expression Cable ACCESS Show “Hard Cover”
“It Makes Me Happy To Offer This Much Needed Television Programme To You Now Oprah. For The Oprah Winfrey Network.
I Would Be A Black Male Making An Impact On The City Of Chicago Just As I Did As A Teenager Throughout Illinois.
As A Fellow Minority Business Owner. As A British University North American Counselour (B.U.N.A.C.).
As The Yahoo! “Global Entertainment Artist” Ond As A T.K.E.
I Can Help OWN.
‘May I Speak With The Real Anthony Lawrence Bell Please?’ Will Focus On The Inner Cities. Los Angeles. New York. Oakland. Chicago.
As I Develop The Details On This Synopsis. Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, The President Of The United States Of America. He Is Home Tonight. In The City Of Chicago. So I, Lord Valkyrie Bell. I Am Reaching From My O DREAM BOARD To You All LinkedIn Partnership.
I Am Valkyrie1 On Known To HARPO Studios Ond Ms. Oprah Winfrey http://www.oprah.com/ With Getty Images. Being A Seasoned Twelve Year United States Navy Veteran. YOMAN Tony Bell:E4:Valkyrie. Please Ms. Oprah Winfrey If So. This Billionaire owns OWN.
“Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band!!!”
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord Valkyrie
Executive Producer, Lebel Owner, Publisher
“I’m Now Reaching Out. ‘If Et. Al.”


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