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“Mankind’s Holy Life Existence”


“Thine Kingdom’s Journal: Origins”

Wednesday, May 25th 2011

The Tribe Of Man Is Us.
You Men Not Gods Along With
You The Woman Are All.

Of “Mankind’s Holy Life Existence” In Ancient Egypt Man Lived.
So Man Lives Here In Chicago, Illinois, Riverdale.
So Mankind Still Dwells In Mighty Egypt.

While I Am During The Writing Of These Many Blog Entries.
Obviously Deeply Focused.
Being That I Am Lord Valkyrie Bell.
Accepting My Rank As Yoman Bell: E4.
With The U.S. Navy Since Space 1999.
As Perhaps My Greatest Challenge Ond Responsibility On Midgard.
Being That I Also Hold The Office Of Deacon.
So Babtised  As “Valkyrie” On December 13th 2002!!!

While You Over There At Warfare In Mighty Egypt Prolong Your Suffering
Within “Mankind’s Holy Life Existence” You Can Bring No Closure.
To Any Matter Of Facts. Ever. Anywhere. In All The Entire Region Of The
Planet Earth You There Live. Dwell. Fight. Over Spilling Life Blood.
Destroying  Your Own 21st Century Modern Infrastructure Throughout
The Middle Eastern Territory Intensifies Your Own Pangs Of  Pain.

Read These. The Written Works Of An All American Illinoian.  Namely
My Own Works. Ond Begin At This Passover All Ye There In Mighty Egypt.
Ond You!!! The Violent Ones. There On The Entire Desert Sand Covered
Areas Around Israel. Bitch!!! Pray For Those Men Not Gods Over There
That They Might Learn Through PRAYER To Excercise Self Restraint!!!
 Rather Than Bringing About The Very “Wrath Of GOD” Above Us All.

He Is “The Supreme Being” That Did So Create The Civilization Of The
Cherokee Nation In The Middle West Of Olde.

He Is “The Supreme Being” That Created This One Realm Of MIDGARD.
Far Beneath His Very Own Throne In The Kingdom Of Heaven. For Real.

He Is “The Supreme Being” Whom Did Give Us All An Atmosphere For
My Own Writing Of This Blog Entry On Corporate Yahoo! Pulse Entitled,
“Mankind’s Holy Life Existence” Mortals.
You Shall Now Respect This His ~ Genesis~Chapter 40!!! Verse 1 To Seven.
“Ond It Came To Pass After These Things, That The Butler Of The King Of Egypt
Ond His Baker Had Offended Their Lord The King Of Egypt. Ond Pharaoh Was
Wroth Against Two Of His Officers, Against The Chief Of The Butlers, Ond Against
The Chief Of The Bakers. Ond He Put Them In Ward In The House Of The Captain
Of The Guard, Into The Prison, The Place Where Joseph Was Bound.”

“Ond The Captain Of The Guard Charged Joseph With Them, Ond He Served Them:
Ond They Continued A Season In Ward. Ond They Dreamed A Dream Both Of Them,
Each Man His Dream In One Night, Each According To The Interpretation Of His
Dream, The Butler Ond The Baker Of The King Of Egypt, Which Were Bound In
The Prison. Ond Joseph Came In Unto Them In The Morning, Ond Looked Upon Them,
Ond, Behold, They Were Sad. Ond He Asked Pharaoh’s Officers That Were With Him
In The Ward Of His Lord’s House, Saying, Wherefore Look Ye So Sadly To Day?”
You Shall Now Respect This His ~PSALM 138~ David’s.
“I Will Praise Thee With My Whole Heart: Before The Gods Will I Sing Praise Unto Thee.
I Will Worship Toward Thy Holy Temple, Ond Praise Thy Name For Thy Lovingkindness
Ond For Thy Truth: For Thou Hast Magnified Thy Word Above All Thy Name.”

“In The Day When I Cried Thou Answeredst Me, Ond Strengthenedst Me With Strength
In My Soul. All The Kings Of The Earth Shall Praise Thee, O Lord, When They Hear The
Words Of  Thy Mouth.”

“Yea, They Shall Sing In The Ways Of The LORD: For Great Is The Glory Of The Lord.
Though The Lord Be High, Yet Hath He Respect Unto The Lowly: But The Proud He
Knoweth Afar Off.”

“Though I Walk In The Midst Of Trouble, Thou Wilt Revive Me: Thou Shalt Stretch
Forth Thine Hand Against The Wrath Of Mine Enemies, Ond Thy Right Hand Shall Save

“The Lord Will Perfect That Which Concerneth Me: Thy Mercy, O Lord, Endureth For
Ever: Forsake Not The Works Of Thine Own Hands.

Lord Valkyrie Bell Quotes: 
General Colin Powell, Former Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff
Four Star Semi-Retired, United States ARMY

“A Dream Does Not Become A Reality Through Magic.
It Takes Sweat, Determination Ond Hard Work!!!”

Sweet Sweet “Sweet Emotion” Is What I Fail At In Your Cause O Jordan. O Lebanon.
My LOGIC Is Logic. Logic Influence All Of Thee In Iran. Logic Influence All Of Thee.
My LOGIC Is Logic. Logic Influence All Of Then In Yemen. The Power Of The Darkside…
My LOGIC Is Logical. My Way Is Not Your Ways. Your Tweets Are Your Tweets Forever!!!

Pray For Tunisia. Pray For Israel. Pray For New York City. Pray For The Royal Wedding!!!
A Prayer For All Of Ireland!!! A Prayer For Scotland, England, Wales Ond All Of You There
In Great Britain!!! I Will I Will Ond So I End This Entry Into My Yahoo! Pulse Blog As Who?
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell. Be Well. Be Safe. Be Love. Believe…”I Alway Will. Be. YORE. Friend.”




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