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“Mahagony In Mind”

May 25th 2011 Wednesday Motivation For Thursday. The BULLS Over Heat!!!

Ok. Kobe. Noah. Butler. Rose. Lord “Valkyrie” Bell.

The Non-Slang Term For Me Is ‘Bi’ At This Second Just Bi.

The Female. The Male. The Bears. The Bulls. Eh?

First!!! Kobe Bryant Of The Lakers:
“I Am Supportive. As You Are A Youngling. Who Wears A Jock Supporter!!!
On Your Groin. So, Forget About It!!! Eh? You Did Use Slang.
The NBA Pockets $100,000. Or Equal To One TV Spot Ad.”

The Male. The Female.

The Bulls. The Bears.
Yo!!! You. Yeah, Mr. Noah Of The Chicago Bulls:
“I Am Far More Interested In Next Years Season Tickets.
If You Guys Win The Trophy!!! Homosexuals Ond Hetrosexuals.
Among The Planet Earth’s Population Have Heard Of Your
Impending NBA Pocket Filling $100,000 Fine. But Wait…
It Might Only Be $75,000!!! Yikes!!! $50,000 Uncuts Kobe The Lakers’ Boy Bandit.”
Don’t Cry For Me Argentina Kobe Bryant You Beefcake You. Your Not Even 30 Kid!!!
Plus The Yall Are So Out Of The Season’s Playoffs That Chicago Has Lost Two In A Row?
Mr. Butler: Nice Shorts On Ya!!!
Yep Mr. Rose: Aged 22 Years ~ The BlackBerry Got Juice? Nevermind. Why? MVP!!!”
Sweet. Masculine. NBA Professional League Playoff Um… Plays. On Ond Off The Dribble.
“Clearly Improvisational Drama!!!”
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord Valkyrie 
“Men Not Gods: Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band!!!”
“Erogenous Adonis” http://www.cdbaby.com/mennotgods
~Single ~ Good Looking ~ TKE ~

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