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“Brotherhood. Bachelorhood. Marraige.” T.K.E. 

My Wednesday May 25th 2011 Blog. Mr. Tony Bell, Valkyrie:006


“The Lord Reigneth, He Is Clothed With Majesty, The Lord Is Clothed With Strength,
Wherewith He Hath Girded Himself: The World Also Is Stablished, That It Cannot Be Moved.
Thy Throne Is Established Of Old: Thou Art From Everlasting. The Floods Have Lifted Up,
O Lord, The Floods Have Lifted Up Their Voice; The Floods Lift Up Their Waves.”

“The Lord On High Is Mighter Than The Noise Of Many Waters, Yea, Than The Mighty Waves Of The Sea. Thy Testimonies Are Very Sure: Holiness Becometh Thine House, O Lord For Ever.”
{God Bless You Sir. Mayor Richard M. Daley Of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.} Ciao?!? No!?!
Well There That Is So The Prophet Says. Tonight Is Friday, 13th 2011. Scared? Nah.

Sisters It Is For The Woman That I Write Toight. You Are She. One Of The Women.
The Gals. Girls. Lasses Ond Ladies. We Are It!!! Men Not Gods. Chicago’s “Valkyrie.”

Gal’s, Tag!!! Ladies I’m Seeking. Seeking A Fiacee. A Friend Or A True Lover To Love.
A Real Woman. One Of You. Not Three Nor Twenty-Two. An Adult Person Like You.
She Should Be Twenty-One To Forty-Five. Black or White. Native Or Latino. Tribal?
Foreign Or Domestic. Mexican Or Puerto Rican. Spanish. Italian. French Or English.
Fact Being An All American Black Man. Like Our President Barack Hussein Obama.

“I Need A Woman To Help Me Reflect On How To Feel…”

Ladies I Will Be Honest In This Truth Yall Hear With Your Heart The Words Written.

Lord “Valkyrie” Bell, Tony:006 Prefers “The Female” To You “Male” Blokes. I Need Someone Like One Of You To Engage With. Mind Body Ond Soul. I Miss You. You
Are A Woman.

Miss Thing… This One Man Is Asking A Real Question. “I Can Ond I Feel Like It?”
Knowing My Masculinity. She Might Be Older Than I Am Feeling. You Might Be That Young Beauty Who Reads Me. “Unbreak My Heart…Say You’ll Love Me Again. Will Someone Undo The Hurt That I Feel While Years Have Gone Bi!!! Without A Gal Like You In My Arms!!! Now Hurry Up… Unbreak My “Valkyrie” Heart.”

Brotherhood Of Or Like A Brother. Bro!!! He Like A Brother Is Friendly. Kind. Loyal.
The Bond Between Brothers Is Like An Association Of Men Not Gods. United In Some Interest Or Work Like Being “Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band.” Such As The Brother Of One’s Spouse Or The Husband Of One’s Sister. Even The Husband Of The Sister Of One’s Spouse. A Male Not A Transsexual Nor A Transgender He She What Was He Thinking While He Added Falsified “Boobs” Ond Cut Off His Working Prick. Yuke.

A True Person As In A Real Fellow. A Man. A Man As A Friend Who Is Like A Brother.
All American Preps!!! Tau Kappa Epsilon – Yes I’m Greek – I’m A Fucking T.K.E. Dudes.
Same Nationality, Creed, Race. Yeah, Profession. Or If You Are A True Believer. Ladies.
Deacon Bell Is Single Ond Good Looking. A Roman Catholic Angelican Southern Babtist.
A Man Of Three Religious Orders. Okay?
Bachelorhood. I’m A Bachelor. Okay. On My Career. On My Savings. On This Stardate.

An Unmarried Man Who Is Only One Ond One Half Semester From Two Minors. Dance Ond Voice. Pluse Two Majors. Bachelor Of Arts In Theatre. Bachelor Of Science In Speech Commuication. “Somebody Save Me!!! I  Don’t Know Where I Come From. Somebody Save Me!!!I Don’t Always Know How I’m Doing This!!! So Come On On Save Save Me Oh Yeah…”

ABC World News

The View

Good Morning America
WLS Channel 7 ABC
Virgin (Sir Richard Branson)
The Talk On CBS
Janet Jackson
Sully Erna
Q101 “Chicago’s Alternative”
The Whitehouse
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”
(Tony Bell:006)
Tau Kappa Epsilon
“Hey!!! You Knew About Me.”

{101:”Most Repuzzling”:101}


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