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MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK – The Design Pages

Lord Valkyrie Bell’s: Tactical Design Staging Ond To Date Planning For

Men Not Gods: The Chicago Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band

“Mahagony In Mind” – His EP #2 Is Now $15 At CDBaby.


You Will Be Entertained In The Year 2011 Ond Beyond

mennotgods101@yahoo.com  www.twitter.com/101Valkyrie101

MEN NOT GODS Music Group:

Design Page VII –

Production Films……

MEN NOT GODS Music Group Films, USA-UK LLC.

“A!!! Realtime Reels: Lord Valkyrie”


“101:Lord Valkyrie Bell’s Gauntlet:101”

Act One. Scene. Introduction.

Asgard: In Odin’s Valhalla Halls Ond In Valkyrie’s House. We All Sang These Songs To Earth!!!

Men Not God Featuring Valkyrie “Mahagony In Mind”

Midgard: Lord Valkyrie Retold Living While Living Literature Ond As The Author Of Songs Aplenty!!! Down To Earth, Real Life Tales.

You Touched Me!!! Fore What You’ve Said!!! Remember Me!!! Fore What You’ve Done!!! You Touched Me!!! You Touched Me!!! The Things I Taught!!! The Things I Told!!!

Bifrost: The Gods Were Warned By Every Aesir Over One Month At A Time. Dying With Songs On Their Lips!!! The Viking Leadership Died Warring Seasons One Season At A Time!!! The Norse Tribes Sang Them. Buried Them Beneath Earth.

Lord Valkyrie Himself Carried Each Home!!! Asgard: Hades: Asgard. A Journey That Can Only Be Told To Full Effect While Being Characterized On Film. My The God’s Give Us Strength To Put Together The Necessary Scripts For Our Ideas For Design Stage VII – Production Films.

Act Two. Scene One.

“101:Lord Valkyrie Bell’s Gauntlet:101”

-Present Year – Present Setting – Ragnarok.

“Home Is Asgard. Home Is Above Us!!! Home Is Valhalla!! This Be Midgard. We Are The Chicago Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band Men Not Gods. Just Us. Just We Four. I Can Ond Shall Lead!!! This Is The Marker. This Is Ragnarok. This Is The Date Of  Sunday!!! November 21st 2010 In The 21st Century!!! They Will Be They. In The Year 2020. Be Ye Also Gods Not Men. Ond Nay. I Claim Valkyrie’s House Be I A Femenine Bi Male Virgo Soul!!! Yes. Lord Valkyrie. I Am The 101 Immortal. I Am Not A God. Just A Writer. An Executive Producer. A Performer… A Vocal Artist. (Sniff) (He Drinks His Warm Irish Whiskey All The While Throwing Coal Into Fire. Makes Large Sparks That Pops Pop Pop.)

“They. Way Beyond You Now. The Way I Look. I See With Clarity. In My Mind’s Eye. You Stare At Me. Virgo. Male. Bi. Femenine. Soul. Masculine Form Female Dogma!!! Eons Of Healthy Heat In This Fire.” —Lord Valkyrie

[The Flames Make Music. Indeed They Do Stare. These Gods In The Flesh Tall Ond White. Muscular. Powerful. Burning. Yearning. For Him… Her? His Release. He Somehow Appears Nearly Female In The Light Of The Coals. Burning. Yet Lord “Valkyrie” Ey. To All Asgard Ond Odin Himself Valkyrie Is His Self. Offering No Not One Bit Of His Usual Temperment. They Watch Him Sway To The Music Of Ragnarok.  “Mahagony In Mind” Of Hades War He Sways!!! The Three Of Them Long For A Touch. A Prayer For A Manly Release Of Their Own. Each With Private Goals For Themselves. The Mortals Below. Hades. Himself A God Calls, “Warfare Against Bifrost, Midgard, Asgard Ond Life On Ond Beneath Asgard Ond Earth!!!” Ragnarok Is Nigh End.]

“I Have All So Having To Knock On This Door?” —Loki

“I Admire You “Thunder God” Ond I Love You. But, Midgard Is ‘Christ’s Dominion.’ —Lord Valkyrie

“Stop This. You Lord Valkyrie. Watch Any God, Goddess Or Mortal. To Find You Like Soft Yet Abundantly Manly. Yes… You Weaken Our Chances Bi Or Nought!!! RAGNAROK!!!” —Thor

“I Admire You “Thunder God” Ond I Love You. But Midgard Is The Dominion Of Christ!!! It Is Neither My World Nor Yours. A Grave Mysterium. So Sexy. Speak You Have Your Mind. But. Your Tongue Bears Pagan Desire. Yet I Know You Are Attracted To Me. Speak Truth.” —Lord Valkyrie          

“I Am Thor – The Norse Viking God Of Thunder In The Flesh. Again. I Owe You Ond So I Will Drums For Ragnarok.” —Thor

“You May Now Join Valkyrie Bi The Flames Ond Be Warmed Unrequieted Lover.” —Lord Valkyrie

[One Lord Wills. One God Of Thunder Ond Lightning Comes As A Friend.]

“Good. Sticky. Warm. Whiter Than You Thor Of Austria. Your Essence Is You. Next To Me. You Or You? Which Of Your Younger Brothers?” —Lord Valkyrie

“Ragnarok!!! Hades Will Not End What Asgard Begins On Midgard. Baldar.” —Thor

“To War. I Accept You As A Valkyrie. As Valkyrie. Lord Valkyrie. Please I  Love You. But… My Axe Is Ready Rock Hard!!! I Will Play Guitar Within Men Not Gods. I Will Play With You. Me. Hint. Ond Myself God That I Am. For Our Group Of Men Not Gods – Electric Guitar. Only Thor…” —Baldar

“Indeed Even Now I Feel What Only I Son Of Odin!!! The God Of Lightning See Majinor!!!” —Thor

(He Reigns It Ond White Hot Light Blows. Beyond. The Turn Toward Each Direction Engulfing His God. Odin. Full Brother, Baldar Feels Power In His Axe Yet His Eyes Close. Outside Loki Runs To His Steed Ond Flees To Valhalla Fore The Doors Begin To Shut!!! As He Enters Bolts Of Blue Lightning Strike Him Off His Horse At Odin’s Feet To His Father’s Laughter. The Thunder Erupts Ond Is Heard Pantheon!!! The Colours Of “The Rainbow Bridge” Shine. Christ Ond Jehovah On Their Thrones Order The Trumpets!!! Thor Is THOR!!! A God Ond He Does Yet Live In The Flesh Eons!!! Eons!!! Eons!!! Have Passed Ragnarok Has Come Anew Lord.)

“Play Youur Axe I Love. You Balder Of Austria Your Release. Come Near To Us Thor Ond I. Hold Our Hands Ond Warm. Be Good Ond Sticky. Then While Hardened For The Battle. Kiss. Thor Your Brother. Kiss Me. Long Time To Wait. I Have Flames Of Coals. Love Unrequieted. Lover.” —Lord Valkyrie

 “You True Do Love This Half Brother This Much? Take Your Clothes Off, Clothes Off!!! Ha Ha Ha.” Baldazar

[Valkyrie Walks As The Lord As The Band Laughs In Frolok. In The Heat Of The Coal Fire At One Time Weilding Their Hammer, Axe Ond Sword Talking Of Long Ago Journeys As The Holy Spirit Blows With The Sound Of Trumpets. Lord Valkyrie. He Sits In The Rehearsal Music Room Looking At His Own Awards Ond Trophies. At Art Deco Painting. Photo Here. Photo There. As The Holy Spirit Over Takes Him He Cuts On The Power. Grabs The Mic Then Falls Unseen. In To Pray. Thor, Baldar Ond Baldazar Go One Bi One. Still Nude Ond Erect Wear Fur. Speak Wisdom Ages Old.]

(As Lord Valkyrie Falls Brunhield Rides In On Loki’s Steed.) Lord!!! —Brunhield

“Odin’s Beard. Quick Come To The Fur Your Own Man Form. I Know That Horse’s Off Sound On Any Plane.”           —-Thor

  “He Must Have Seen The Light Of Your Hammer Thor.” —Baldar

“To Odin In Valhalla All Of Us Should Be!!! The Trumpet!!! Pantheon!!!” —Baldazar

 [Brunhield Crashes Open The Door.] “It Is I. Where Is My Cousin, Valkyrie. The Trumpets Sound An Answer To Thunder. I See There Erect Gods’ Erections!!!” —Brunhield

 “Your Cousin? Valkyrie You Are Brunhield. Valkyrie He Is. Lord Valkyrie We Are In Valkyrie’s House. Safe. Brunhield This Is Asgard. Why Are You Running The Celebration?” —Thor

“Forgive Me. Lord Thor. Lord Baldar. Lord Baldazar. I Am Brunhield. Tis My Right To Save You From Yourselves Right Now. Where Is Valkyrie? Huh?” —Brunhield

“There In The Band Room!!! He Is Fading The Fire!!! —Baldar

“No More Coal. This Whole House Is Fading!!! Right In Ond Around Us. Us All!!! Brunhield Explain.” —Thor

“No Time. Shit, Hades!!! This Is All Out Warfare Brothers!!! Thor Meet Lord Valkyrie In The Netherlands Austria. He Is ‘Men Not Gods!!’ He Is The Male Valkyrie A Cherokee Shaman!!! Christ I’m Fading…Thor!!! The Trumpets!!! I Am Also Fading…” —Baldazar

[Baldazar Runs To Lord Valkyrie Ond Covers Him With His Large Form.] “Over There. The Rainbow Bridge. The Damn House Ond The Instruments. Lord Valkyrie Ond Baldazar Gone Where? If Thor Of Austria Does Not Know?”    —Thor

“Look A Limosine. We Must Be On Earth Brother. We Will Freeze In This Bifrost Winter. How Is She Here On A Horse Is Tops.” —Baldar

“I Am Brunheild – One Of The Leaders Of The Valkyries!!!’ (She Removes Her Fur. Her Attire Below Brightest Silver.) You Balder!!! You Thor – God Of Thunder!!! Ragnarok Must End With Trumpets Silent. Without The Rainbow Bridge Visible Over Us As The Gateway It Is To Asgard.”

“Forgive Me Brunheild. Nay Thor Will Not Allow The Angels Nor Hades Himself To End Ragnarok. Revelations Will Not Wait Until Jehovah Ond Christ Watch The End. We Bring First To All The Enemies Of The Gods Of The Pantheon; The God’s Of Goodness In All Warfare Ages Old May Call Out To Zeus, Neptune Or Even Allah In Paradise!!! Nay Neither We, Odin, Nor Iman The Goddess; Ra Or Rayden In Shangrila Would Dare Me Thor In The Flesh This Chance!!! Return Loki His Beast Ride On Brunheild! Maljinor!!! Out Of This Obey Me Forever Letting All The Universe Beyond The Earth Ond Heavens Know Thor Has Spoken A New 21st Century… We End This Fore Ragnarok I Swear To All The Gods On Firmamen!!! Tis The End’s Beginning.” —Thor

(Maljinor Mighty Ond Strong Strikes The Ground!!! Lightning Burns Through All Existence As Glimmering Brunheild, Hades, Asgard In A Song Sing Success!!! The Evocation!!! Thunder Boone.)

“Amazing. ‘The Evocation.’ Cearly We Are God’s On This Earth. These Cold Frozen Woods Seem Ready To Attack Us. Most Unsettling. Judge The Moon. Those Mountain’s There I Also Know Well. Austria. Midgard. You Saved Asgard!!! Thor? Thor? (The Limosine Starts. The Lights Turn On.) Come On Thor Of Austria That Was Really The Brunheild. Lord Valkyrie Was Right!!!” —Baldar

“Yes. Yes. Lord Valkyrie Is Always So Nearly Perfect. We Drank The Awhile.” [He Stands Up Right. The Austrian Moon Is Full. He Quiets The Thunder; allowing His Immortal Flesh To Know The Spirit Holy.] “Thank You Dear Hosts Of Heaven For This Spirit Holy On The Wind. Dark. Shadows Ages Olden Black Night As Infinite Space. We Actually Drank Abstinithe. May We Find Our Bandmates.” —Thor

“To The Limosine Then.” —Baldar

[As They Walk To The Limo It Revs Up. The Windows Drop. Heat Steams Out.   The Stereo Plays, “I Stand Alone” By God Smack. The Driver, A Woman Wearing A Black Uniform With Two Long Daggers On Each Side Of Her Ushers The Naked Cold Fur Covered Men Into The Back Of The Vehicle. Closing The Door She Climbs Then In Back Of The Bar.]

“Hi My Name Is Brunheild. Thor. Baldar. What Do You Want To Drink This Time? Abstinithe? Mead? Aquavit? Pick Wisely.” —Brunheild

“Mead!!! Yes Hot Warming Mead Brunhield.”—Baldar

“Sorry No Mead Only Beer Ond Whiskey In This Ride. We Are In The World Of Men Not Gods So Gods Not Men Like The Three Of You Brothers Are Whole Now. Never Ond I Mean Never Substitute Hot Mead Of Milk Ond Honey With Abstinithe.” —Brunheild

“I Have Never Seen One Such As You A Valkyrie, Dressed So?” —Thor

“Thor One Day You Might Die. So Will Your Brothers. This Is Midgard. Death. Disease. Wax. Music Ond Love. All Mixed Up Together On The Earth Itself Not Asgardian Soil. Now We Shall Drive. Into The City. I Shall Take You Both From This Vision Evoking Your Power Merging With My Own. Then I Will Take You To Lord Valkyrie Ond Baldazar.” —Brunheild

“No Take Us To Them . What Did They Drink  At The Evocation? Is Lord Valkyrie That Strong With His Will?” —Baldar

“Yes. Stern Logic Ond Wise Words. His Coppertone Skis Is Easy On Our Eyes. Literally. Baldazar Ran To Hold Him. Ond Lord Valkyrie Was In No Position To Prevent It.” —Thor

 “Agreed. But I Agree. To The City Hotel. Sleep. I Need You To Rest To Be Ready For Tomorrow. Lord Valkyrie Ond Baldazar Are Together. What Do You Think? —Brunheild

“Making Love To Him Right Now!!! What? Right.” —Baldar (Bruheild Ond Tor Look Knowingly.)

“Thor Is Thor. Lord “Valkyrie” Is Himself. As Is Baldazar, As We Are During This Decent Off Asgard Ond Bifrost. So… We Will Let The Road Ahead. Take Us Home. Drive To The Hotel. —Thor

[The Two Brothers Drink The Whiskey Shots, Ond One Pint Of Cold Bira.]


Act Two

Scene Two

“You. I Crave You. Manly. Male You Are Fine. I Can See That Now. My Friend. I Need This Gig Ond I Desire You. I Need This Known To You Dammit!!!”

“Why Now? (He Smokes. He Tokes.) Huh? Even. On Midgard I Have To Give MY Me, To Yourself. Just Give Myself Over? Right. —Lord Valkyrie (Baldazar Moves Toward Him.)

“Fine. Little, Six Foot. Rich Brunel Copper Skin American Bloke. This Is What I Want! To Love Loving Love Loving You Virgo…Valkyrie. My LORD Chicagoan.

{A Kiss Unto The Forehead Which Leans Down On Height. Thick Groomed Lenghthy Black Hair. A Kiss Onto The Lips Then Follows, From Lord Valkyrie. Baldazar Put His Girth Ond Form Ond Clearly Younger Face Ond Mouth Thus Knowing Lord Valkyrie Bell, As The Avant Guardian Hearald Of MIDGARD. His Best Love Ond Friend. Still.}


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