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MEN NOT GODS Music Group Television, USA-UK

Starring On All Public Broadcasting Channels And Or,
Ond Advanced High Definition Television Networks
“Doctor Who II ~ TimeMaster”
Starring Lord Valkyrie Bell As “TimeMaster ~ Colonial Marine MD”
“Your Body Is Itself Is T.A.R.D.I.S.
So, I Now Just Need You To Rest. Just…
Wee Bit. For Little Bit As Your, Um, Physician.
A Bit. So, I Need Want To Know If You Still Want A Priest?
As A Deacon I Am Merely Like Asking You Ugly Soon To Die
What Ever You Are Just Believe. You Will Suffer Me!!!
As A Colonial Marine, M.D. Ok?”
“Funny That. You Earthlings Are Such…
Non Gray As We…”
“Uh… Right, Die. I Am An Earthling. Basically.
There Here Is My Very Own T.A.R.D.I.S.
As Much As You Have Been Able To Share…
Good!!! Sweet. A Machine? Naw, A Vehicle That
Allows Me Alone To Travel And Is For Really A
Cool. That Is Way Cool.”
“Do As I Say Now That I Pass On To The Great Divide
Between. This!!! You!!! Now!!! Do I As I So Very Never Did!!!
Ever!!! Do This As Who You Now Are!!! You!!! Only!!! Live On!!!
TimeMaster!!! I Am Dying As “The Master” Myself. A Time Lord
From The Time Knowing Planet Of Gallafray. Me HA HA Gray.
Not Earl Grey Tea.”
“Well Fuck Me Then!!! Bitch!!!
Any Ways… Listen. You Better.
Really, I Am A Colonial Marine.
As Such I Even Worked As Myself…
A Thing Called “Alien War” In Piccadilly Circus.
Ha Ha. So. There Is Something Human In You Huh?
I Shall. Not Only Watch You Die. I Must.
After, I Watch You Die Just Kill This
Doctor Who Ever. Or, Whatever The Fuck.
“The Doctor” Must Have An Alien Ass Hole Butthole
Surfer Of A Name. Sir.”

BBC America



“Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band”

www.cdbaby.com/mennotgodsLord Valkyrie Bell



www.oprah.comThe Whitehouse

www.whitehouse.govThe 44th President Of
The United States Of America
Mr. Barack Hussein Obama


“The CV~Resume.”
Lord Valkyrie The 1st Tony Bell
http://t.co/d7YOQq6“The Continuity Of Authority:
Obama Campaign 2012”


~~~Tau Kappa Epsilon~~~

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